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Light blue Gerbil
I've played with Gebriel a lot these past two weeks and the evidence all seems to demonstrate that they are friendly and capable. That's what any staff team needs more of, so Geb has certainly passed the Trusted rank and should be promoted. It's also pretty clear to me that Geb has meshed very well into the staff team - and that's important because trying to staff entirely alone/without asking for advice or help is a recipe for disaster.
+1 geb is on quite often and is able to keep the baddies under control for the most part. They have shown to be reliable and to know when to be serious or not serious when going into situations/conversations.
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hello Geb, thanks for Applying!

In the time that you have been here, you've had to adapt to the ways we enforce our rules and handle the troublesome people of the server, as well as equally help the community. You've hit every mark in the requirements to be a Tmod, this includes a rank with ban power, so don't be scared to ask for help in situations that require a ban. Our guidelines are pretty self explanatory with our punishments though. You have a good handle on that staff discretion, so I know that you'll do well in this department. 

Like everyone else is saying, don't burnout, you know and you've seen it yourself. You don't have to respond to every on-call ping, but thanks for the contributions. 

it's a (+1) from me, you've done well these past months. Thanks for giving us your time of day to help out.
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Huge +1 (literallyYou are very active and are always quick to get on when I ping the server staff and I'm pretty sure you're like- nearly always the first person to get on and it's really great! You got a great sense of humor with the trolls on the ph server and always keep your cool. You always give the people many opportunities to behave and I can tell that you just want people to behave! Basically you handle everything well and have a great sense of humor and bring life to the server! When dealing with any situation you always give people chances. You are nice to everyone when we're just chilling and playing ph and it's overall just a really good time. I think you would be an amazing Test Mod and if anyone thinks otherwise I will personally !gag them Smile I hope you get the rank you want! Otherwise I'll need to personally have a talk with the server owner to have it arranged Dinkleberg XD - Kevin
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Sorry I’m so late to this! I’ve been crazy busy. Just popping in quickly! I think you’ve settled in well to the team and have had a great start to staffing with us. You are definitely capable of more and would do well at T-Mod.

My only issue for you to take on board and be mindful of is to make sure you aren’t jumping in too quickly with decisions. You need to ensure you’ve got the evidence to backup any decisions you make or any actions you take. Yes ghosters and cheaters are annoying and we want them dealt with quickly so they don’t interfere with other played games but if they make a report on the forum it’s then your responsibility to back it up. We’ve all been caught out at times and it’s not fun when it happens.
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Hello Gerbel (Nice name I wonder who made everyone call you that I wouldnt know *wonders* hmmmmmmm)

I remember when you were just applying for being trusted, it was like it was like a year ago right? (days move slower when you are stuck inside)
You have been a great help to everyone on the server. I remember instances where I was looking at relay and I saw you take care of situations very well. I have also been on a fewwwww times to see it myself as well (few being 2 in the past month... trust me I wish I could get on sometimes but it was when I was working Sad ) 

I really think you know the rules very well and are very capable of handling the light blue color. 
Easy +1 from me! 

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Prepare for the slap wars, Geb

Because I agree with the others above,

You have excellent attendance of being on the server

capturing ghosters, hackers, and trolls who love to reek havoc.

But, I also agree to others on here when you need a time for a break just ask

there always staff here available that can take over if you need a break.

I remember taking over the server by myself, but since I have to limit my time due to my

work schedule I tend to write a quick situation overall if staff is still needed on the server or not

and to point out if some players seem very FISHY, yet I couldn't record there whole action of gameplay for evidence.

 Just remember, ask if you want a break, there no problems with asking just to know you can't be the special robot staff member whose is

on the server 24/7 without a proper way to take of oneself.

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