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banned for vague reasons
As a preface to this post, Nate's ban was only temporary (5 days) and will automatically lift this Saturday. 

Staff members in our Discord unban chat have discussed your ban and the general conclusion is that your ban was justified. 

Our staff members (and yes, this includes me) laid out compelling evidence that demonstrated each of the ban reasons. Comments made by you demonstrate trolling, flaming, harassment, disrespect, and enticing drama. While you did dispute some of these categorizations, we are unmoved by these attempts at refutation. 

As Jammin offered in his second post on this thread, you received three strikes prior at this ban. With each of these strikes, you were given an automated warning that your behavior was inappropriate. With at least two of these strikes (strike 1 and strike 3), the staff member adding the strike privately messaged you to further discuss the problematic behavior. I believe that this was going "above and beyond." With these strikes and private messages, you were fully aware that your behavior was inappropriate. Despite this, you continued unabated. 

At one point years ago our community Discord didn't even have a rules page - it was moderated based on a simple, common-sense approach. I think it's safe to say that the behavior your demonstrated in the server would have fallen within the common-sense definition of inappropriate. 

Nate, I have spoken to you not only in the aftermath of these punishments but also a couple of times in an informal setting. Having had the chance to become mildly acquainted with you, I know that you are not the average internet nincompoop. You've demonstrated your intelligence in both these informal settings and on the Discord/Forums. But you also like to get a rise out of people, stir up trouble, and try to bend the rules for your own amusement. Unfortunately, these negative aspects have also been demonstrated on the Discord, Forums, and the TTT server. And the evidence supporting this ban shows this quite clearly. 

When this ban lifts this Saturday, I ask that you take the advice that Jammin offered in his final post on this thread. We aren't trying to censor you or prevent you from having fun in Discord. You are always free to do this. This cannot, however, come at the expense of any other players, regardless of whether they are staff, regulars, donors, or guests. Most of our 4,000+ Discord members manage to do this. You should try to find a way to be able to do this as well. 

If you are not able to change your behavior and it continues to violate the rules of our Discord, then you will likely find yourself once again removed from the server. This prospective next time, doesn't need to occur. But if it does, it will likely result in your permanent removal from the Discord.

Your unban request has been DENIED.

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