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thanks for the support milly  Wink
Legend has it that those should not shitpost in random threads.

Honestly, if you think the LORD is coming to defend you after using homophobic slurs, shifting the blame to anyone, asking for other to defend your actions and then call them liars when they say the opposite or don't, you are nuts.

Also btw this is locked until the PH Moderators (other than me) decide on what to do. Since this is just becoming a pointing of fingers and shitposting.
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Although it was Fish who actually banned you, he did not do it alone. It was only after discussion with all the mods and with some other staff input that your ban was given out. We had several complaints from players and staff about your conduct on the server, therefore we kept a close eye on things.

The staff have access to the chat relay at all times and it is also searchable. I don't care if you were joking or if someone on the server seemed to be ok with it. It's not appropriate to use it, it is not funny in the slightest. I don't understand how anyone can think that it's appropriate to use in any setting even a 'joke'.

There was an incident recently where your anger on the server was becoming an issue and the member of staff on the server at the time asked me to come on to help settle things, by the time I got on you had left but the players who were still there commented on your behaviour and anger. 

There is a long list in our watch list with your name attached to it, from your previous bans (of which there are a few) to reports of your behaviour, attitude and general stubbornness to drop a subject when asked. 

Normally I would ask for staff to produce evidence for an unban request but in this case I have already seen enough of it as we reviewed it before your ban was put in place. 

I would like the ban to stand as it is. Will also discuss this with the other mods.
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I will admit that there have been a few times when you helped newer players understand the mechanics of PH, along with informing them of things such as the illegal spots list. 

These few positives do not excuse your "joking" behavior though, and I feel that the ban of 3 months is very lenient for: the use of homophobic slurs (even if "joking"), arguing with players/staff, abusing donor powers (you were already banned for this only making note), and having a poor attitude when you don't get your way. 

-1 on Unban

I hope that if you decide to come back after this break, you will have a better attitude more fitting to the server rules/guidelines. 
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Regardless of who banned who, we always keep tabs on people who seem troublesome. Regardless if your original bans were because of breaking the AFK rule, your behavior and attitude around being banned still continued. We see everything, or eventually will see. Chat logs, evidence videos, in person encounters. You may have been trying to behave at times, but you can't just "forget" that the very words we moderate and aren't excusable to use, are to be used as a joke. Glizzy, you've cracked down on people for using slurs before, joke or not. I've seen you trying to enforce the no slurs rule, and you having to go back on that just because it was in joke form is not ok. So you can't say these terms even when you get angry.

You're a chill dude glizzy, I've seen that, but you jump to conclusions alot faster than trying to understand a situation, you don't think before you say, and your anger issues need to be directed at something more constructive than this. 

It's a (-1) for the unban, we don't hold grudges, we just keep account of repeated behavior.
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The others have already covered everything. Your constant repeated actions over the times you've been on is the reason you are banned for 3 months. With that being said your unban request is denied and if you want you can try again on 3/19/21. 
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