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Gaylek Pretty Obv Spinbots
Offender's Name & Steam ID: Gaylek (STEAM_0:1:100746952)

Potential Witnesses: Me?

Reason to Ban: Hacking (Spinbots)

Pretty obvious to be honest. No need for anything other than this gem right here.
If unsure here is a screenshot of his screen as well. He was looking straight the whole time on his side. I do have the recording of this part but it has me typing in console so ill leave it out of the video for now. 
[Image: oL4KmiI.png]

Other: Ignore the chat I was trying to get the clip real quick of a kill. They were taken care of (beep boop [Image: ZWFGYiB.png]). 
[Image: s1bMrsR.png]
[Image: l4704yy.png]

Looks like same hacks,or client.

I think it should easy tell to he is cheating .
Player has been banned permanently for use of spinbotting (Hacking).

Thanks for the report.

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