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Hacker on ph!
Offender's Name & Steam ID: Ayatollah STEAM_0:0:72255240

Potential Witnesses: N/A

Reason to Ban: Hacking

Other: Please view the description of the youtube video I have provided for the list of events

More: Clearly a "hacker on ph!" going from prop to prop nearly killing the entire team on the very first round (for them as a hunter) on a map. Also, at 0:53 they killed a barrel without even touching it at all and left the other ones there. That made it SUPER obvious. you can see them I wanted to get more evidence so I could kick them and make a ban request but sadly the people in the game spooked them so I wasn't able to do that :>( Hopefully this is still enough evidence so that this person can be banned indefiently! Reason: (hacking)

Also. Fun fact. If you google search the steam ID they are very popular on many other servers including dinklebergs ttt which they have been banned permanently for massRDM. Also, they have multiple VAC and game bans on record.
[Image: 955ef7a32696f2e506ea3319fcb5017a.png][Image: Banned-Gravity-Small.jpg]
Player has been banned for hacking.
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

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