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I'm Going To Report You To Garry!
Those of you who have been playing Garry's Mod as long as I have will most likely know who Musicman Mitchell was or have seen this video. Unfortunately the original YouTube videos appear to have been made private, but I found part one on Dailymotion. If anyone has Part 2 - could you post it?


Ah, the memories.
[Image: Ry3pgqF.jpg]
yOu cAnT bAn me FoR a mOntH

[Image: Jimmies+Rustled.png]
[Image: 62f274e8f2b9aefef9cfd476df1a5f0902e01111.gifv]
[Image: certified_little_shit_00001.png?width=1200&height=439]
Don't feel bad. I'm pretty sure le Père Noël was leaving you coal anyway. 
A piece of advice: You'd be tougher to kill if you weren't so.. ah.. boring.

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