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Problems With Top 3 Reward
I'm not certain whether or not this is a new thing or just something I haven't noticed, but for the past week or so, about 50% of the time, instead of getting the 75 premium points promised from the button, I'll only receive 25. I don't really have any more information about the bug other than that unfortunately. Has anyone else had this problem?
It's not a bug, it's just not very clear.

1st place = 75 points
2nd place = 50 points
3rd place = 25 points
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If this is anything like TTT, when you hit 75 premium points, it'll change based on if you were First, Second or Third.

First, receiving all 75
Second, receiving a fraction
Third, receiving less.
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Jax has the correct breakdown of points for TTT.
Regular points are also the same (10k, ~6k, 3k for 1st, 2nd, 3rd respectively).

I have no idea how prophunt works seeing as I've never seen a single digit placement in my vast and expansive 6.4 hours on PH. But I would presume it is a similar system
When you queue cringe
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no no this is an actually a glitch that has occurred , i was first in a map multiple times yet still got 35, this was a month or two ago but it has happened and i have heard few others speak of it
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Jax explained it well and I can confirm that this is how it is in PH as well. 
1st place = 75 points
2nd place = 50 points
3rd place = 25 points

I personally haven't experienced what milly is explaining, and I've gotten top 3 several times within the past few weeks and there wasn't an issue with the point distribution. 
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Ah so I'm just dumb lol.

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