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Would love to help out!
Discord Name: Nickname is [test]Ashley

Discord ID: AshleyShoe#6436

When First Joined(Estimate): Around Oct 2020.  But have been active in Discord since December.
What is your age: 26 (birthday is August 6, 1994)
What rank are you applying for (Helper or Moderator): Discord Helper

What can you do to help the Discord community: I would love to give a hand and offer support to those in our community.  Willing to help in the off hours/hours most mods might not be on, and also giving an immediate response to any reports from users.  I believe in fairness while also following the rules.    

Why you want to help the Discord community: It was recently expressed to me that the Dis is understaffed and I am more than willing to lend a hand!  I am more than capable of making sure the community remains safe and fun.  Also I love the server and it makes me happy to see things running smoothly, and I want to contribute to that!

Other:  If anyone has any questions let me know!  Thank you for the opportunity!  I want to grow with the community! <3  
Last thread was deleted 1 week ago,I don't know about the discord applications, but it usually has to be a month between two applications What changed your mind in a week?
After the answers, I will vote good luck Big Grin
Murder Mod January 9, 2020 - Present
I personally don't have any objection to disregarding the self-deleted application and allowing this applicaiton to be valid, but that's not my decision to make.
I encouraged Ashley to apply but since I don't play with her in PH i'll reserve judgement for community feedback.
But we would love help on the discord staff team.
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Not to shit on anyone parade but apps are traditionally autodenied for retracted apps.
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Yeah I don’t know if this will be ok since your app from a week ago did get denied.
So upon further review we do have a rule for a 1-month application cool down in the guidelines. So it is likely that it'll be auto-denied on that technicality.

However I think this is a good opportunity to say that in the meantime, you (or anyone else interested in helping with the discord) can still help us. The main ways to help are to:
1. File an Auttaja report when rules are broken
2. Ping discord staff if there is an active situation
3. Most importantly, hang out in the discord and keep making it a fun place!

Your first app was made on April 3rd, so I presume that may 3rd will be the earliest an app can be made, assuming this is auto denied.

Ultimately decisions like discord staff apps are made by the server admins since we do not have a discord admin. Until they make a decision here, I would encourage anyone else to send Ashley feedback - either here or in discord.

Thank you for your willingness to help, and for posting this staff application!
When you queue cringe
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Sorry all I thought it would be better to post it at another time and didn't realize that me deleting it was going to be an issue. Apologies.
There is a precedent of having 30 days between applications and while it has never been an official rule we do want to keep that trend going, however I figure there would be no harm in allowing this to remain up for that time. So we will not be giving a verdict officially on your app until 5/03/21.
If you can read this you're gay.
I know it's technically a day early by like 2 hours but after seeing your progress on the PH staff team we think you would be an excellent addition to our Discord staff team. Be sure to pair up with one of our mods to get properly trained in. My biggest advice since you will have staff in multiple places is go at your own pace, don't burn yourself out. Take your time, smell the roses and have fun while being the best of our community. Your app has been accepted. Welcome to the Discord staff team.
If you can read this you're gay.

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