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PH Ban Request: Trolling, Toxicity, Racism, & Mic Spam
Offender's Name & Steam ID: 
Alyx R STEAM_0:1:40942017
JustRonnie STEAM_0:0:564877893
Tumus0 STEAM_0:0:202771271
xxeddie200 STEAM_0:1:216217128
BOT Pizza STEAM_0:1:559268454

Potential Witnesses: @Haxune, AHexz, Ryzif, @Steelman334 

Reason to Ban: Trolling, Toxicity, Racism, & Mic Spam
Proof: Bottom Half of Time Stamps in this Video, Toxicity Part

Other: (Optional) I I know I could have handled this better but I had pinged staff so I did the best I could, Haxune did aid me, thank you. I will try  to improve upon my evidence collecting and being less strict but to try and justify my angle when punishing them, I did warn them a multitude of times. Also there are more time stamps because the upload took so long I could get more accurate time stamps for the video, so it may look like a lot but it's not really.

Both Ronnie and BOT would return and continue to mic spam
[Image: pikaaaaa-chuuuuuuuu.gif]
I can confirm all of the above. Before Zenful joined, I had to gag Just Ronnie since he was intentionally being very loud. I asked him nicely to chill out but he didn't listen.
Once on backyard when they got gagged, they would incredibly rude about being gagged.
Having looked over the proof, I do not believe any warrant a ban at this time. They have been listed for sure and if this happens again, then a ban would be put in place.
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
Albert Einstein
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