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Speedydog Trusted Application - Round 2!
Ingame Name:  Speedydog

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:102204781

Time Played: At time of writing, I have played 601.55 hours on the server. 

When First Joined: I first joined back on April 30th 2018, but I took a couple year break and came back sometime around November 2020.

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): I generally play early and late evenings on most days of the week (PST). Sometimes I will play in the afternoons but that'll depend on how busy I am with school or work.

Rank Desired: Trusted

Current Rank: Donor

What can you do to help the community?: I'm very active in the community, and I have a fairly strong knowledge of ULX commands and general Gmod information. I am not afraid to take control and manage a server even when it gets particularly rough with hoards of trolls and/or cheaters. I also have a good eye for cheaters, and know how I should manage them and what to look for. 

Why do you want to help the community?: I play a lot when there are no staff on, and I can understand how frustrating it can be. I know I am capable of helping, and I want to. I have made so many friends in the last 6 months or so, many of them being staff members themselves, and I would love to be able to help them and the community.

Have you previously been banned? (Link relevant posts): Nope.

Have you previously applied for staff? (Link relevant posts): Yes, years ago I did.

Do you have a way to record video or take screenshots? Yes, I use OBS.

How did you find us?: I have been a part of many communities in the past, and this server was the next step. I was looking for a new community to play with after my old server Sona closed down, and I liked this one. So here I am!

Other: I have a few years of staffing experiencing already. I was a the equivalence of a Trusted on Billy Bobs, I was an Moderator/Admin on Wolvin's Vendetta/Chillztown, and I was the equivalence of a Trusted or Moderator (depending on how you look at it) on Sona. I know a lot of people are going to look at my kill ratio and stuff and think that I will not take this seriously, but maintaining and looking after a server is very important to me. I haven't really had a good chance to prove this here yet, but I guess that's why they call it Trusted. I won't let you guys down if you welcome me into the staff family. I know a lot, but there is still much to learn and I'm happy to be educated. I like this community, and I want to help support and improve it even more! Thanks for reading and I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts! Smile 
Hey speedy, I wondered if you were going to apply for staff. Easiest +1 of my life. He's active and has been on almost everyday for the past month and meets the requirements. He reports the names and steam ID's to staff on the discord. He handles situations on the server well. One thing I will say, though, is if you are staff you shouldn't just not get in because the map isn't very hunter friendly. I encountered that yesterday. It's a minor nitpick but other than that I don't have any complaints. GL on the application.
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Well well well, what have we here. 

You have been a positive player in the community, known for causing fear and suffering to props along with mass murder. The sounds of "oh, speedy is joining we are all dead" fill the chats when you join; and it's hilarious. 

I've noticed on a few occasions you've messaged staff on server asking some variation of "are you guys doing anything about ______", which can be vexing. However, I do believe this is more of a communication issues as staff trying to be discreet when handle some situations (Gathering evidence). 

I do believe that this "issue" of sorts would be alleviated with you being in the loop (staff person). 

I'm not 100% sold on the idea but well enough to give a positive zero, as to say I Iean more to the positive outcome than negative (if that makes sense).

Best of Luck speedy, it's always a hoot hiding from you and hearing the groans when you join ^_^
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
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Well, how the turn tables.

Speedy my neighbor (btw I moved so I'm closer lets grab a coffee sometime), I think you would be a great addition to the staff team. The only negative thing I have to say is this : you get annoyed pretty easily by the staff team if you feel as though we are not moving/working as fast as you would like. And I understand that frustration, trust me. I hope that those feelings of frustration will change once you become staff and have more of an 'insiders view' on how things are handled. I have no doubt in my mind you can handle this at all, but it is trusted, and trusted are just the first step to the staffing team. You will still have to make ban requests, you won't be able to ban, so I do worry that may still frustrate you having to rely still on T-Mods and Moderators.

In all, I am happy to give you a nice fat +1 for this.

Trust in what you're doing, ask for help, have patience and most of all, have fun. Its going to be hard to keep that k/d ration lookin nice, trust me, I was good once too... *cries*

I really regret that I have to do this, considering we had just spoken and we left it on good terms, in my right mind, given the nature of what was sent directly to me from your personal discord, I have to rescind my initial vote. I was sent screen shots of you and another player talking negatively about me, and your need and urge to push to become moderator. This leaves me with an intense worry that the negative behavior will continue, staff chat will be leaked, and issues will not be handled appropriately. This change in my vote has taken a lot of consideration, but seeing a small look into how you and other donors talk about staff leaves me with ill feelings about you becoming staff. 

For that, I am leaving you with a -1. 

In future, if you or anyone else has an issue with how I do something, take it to the forums or come directly to me. 
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Speedy!  I'm so excited you decided to put up an application.  
I think you possess qualities that are good for staff.  Helpful, attentive, not afraid to deal with ghosters/spammers and the like.  You don't hesitate to help new players learn the ropes.  You are a really good player and that's amazing, but as I've learned and you will too, it is still fun but it becomes more about moderation than about the game, and if you're willing to do that, then you will do fine as staff.  
All of this adds up to a +1 from me!
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That's a +1 from me my man.
i've played a few or so times with speedy and he's great! very helpful and friendly to other people and cares a lot about this server. i've seen him previously staff in another server as well, and he did good being staff- dealing with the responsibilities and such. nothing but good things +1 c:
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Hey Speedydog,

Thanks for applying. You are a good friend to me but I will be very blunt as a Staff Member.

I am fully aware you used to be staff on many servers, one being the community we shared (Sona.PW) , you know your way around the ULX menu and commands. But sadly I do have some concerns.

Competitive Nature.
You are incredibly competitive when it comes to kills. Are you willing to sacrifice the kills to watch ghosters, hackers, illegal spots, etc? Server comes before your score. I know there are times where I do get a tad competitive but I know when it comes time to sacrifice it in order to spectate users. I know I hear you talk about kills often and it seems you care about the K:D.
But of course this is the lesser part of my concerns, I am sure this could be fixed or dealt with in the future.

Attitude ( I had no idea how to label this because this is a lot in one )
There are days where you seem to get frustrated with staff being unavailable these days due to personal reasons or just staff feeling the burn out. Pauling did touch into this which is something I also wanted to touch into but I suck at English. I know there have been some comments here and there, outside of the discord, or even in VC, about Staff related things or even about staff in general. Such comments also include getting frustrated when staff aren't on fast enough, aren't dealing with things fast enough, things not going the way you wanted, or in general not noticing to something quite yet. We are only human, and it is all up to staff discretion of course.
I feel some of these feelings of frustration will carry over from Donor to Trusted and create this festering puddle of sourness between yourself as a Trusted and everyone else.

Additionally, I have noticed the inability to bring up legitimate concerns about any Staff Members, Regulars, or in general problems relating to the PH server to any Upper Staff. It is stressed to a T that if you have any problems you can talk to upper staff, Moderator or Admin alike, or bring it to the forums in form of Donor/Staff Abuse Reports or Ban Requests.
Talking about staff behind their backs isn't very cash money.

I am not comfortable with the idea of you being a staff member with some of these concerns, mainly on the Attitude bits. I believe it will lead to further issues in the long run. It's not personal, it is just my belief as a Staff Member.

( -1 )
I'm sorry, dude.
Hopefully you keep playing regardless of the outcome of this application.
Good luck on your adventures.
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THE Speedy Dog ?‍??

Although my opinion is probably invalid because I'm just a Donor and Moderators, Admins, and Owners ultimately make the decision to hand out ranks, I believe that Speedy deserves this Trusted rank..

My Reasoning:
✔️ - Makes some absolute bars. An unmatched rap God.
✔️ - I've known him for a very long time, and from my experience, he's a pretty trust worthy member of any community he takes part in.
✔️ - Whenever he's in a lobby, I enjoy trying to play competitively because he adds a challenge to the more experienced players, and he's never gone out of his way to brag about winning and the such, always a good sport about things.
✔️ - He has an immense amount of Prop Hunt experience and was a mod back in a popular server Sona LA for a few years, and never really was mean or unfair in any case he'd have to take up when someone was being unruly.
✔️ - With the amount of time he plays and invests into the server as it is now, he'd definitely be able to handle scenarios when other moderators aren't available at the moment. I can personally vouch for him on these points, and he's already shown how well he can manage things in my eyes when he was moderating on Sona.
✔️ - Making Dinkleberg Rap :^)

Counter Argument:
❌ - Put Sona Rap on private. :^(

+ 1
I play lots of video games!!!!
I have 14k+ hours on the game "GMod" and enjoy playing
Video Gaming
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Me when I get reported for ghosting in the official Dinkleberg Prophunt [Fast Downloads] gaming community on GMod

Gebriel Stink Smile
Going to bump this now since the next time I will be able to look at it will be Wednesday at the earliest.
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