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One last time, forever and ever
I'm back I guess. If you know you know, if you don't just ask.

I've never been good at these intro posts but enough time has passed that the majority of the community no longer knows who TF I am.


I'm Joe. Im married and had my first kid early this year. I was a drummer in a number of bands and currently I'm working to build Florida's mycoflora project with the top mycologists in the state. You can't shut me up about mushrooms, don't ask unless you want a legit ear full. I first came to Dink's in 2017 and took a break from the server in 2019 until recently. I'm just here to kill some time and have some fun. I hope to run into some old friends and maybe meet some new ones. I'll see you guys on PH.
Welcome back dude! I remember your name from 2018 but honestly I wasn't very talkative back then lol
See ya on the PH playing field dude!
(05-07-2021, 12:05 PM)§6SEMBER_UNO Wrote: I'm Joe.

joe mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember when you helped us raise hell during the whole toxicity in the community shebang. Welcome back!
Oh how the turns have tabled.

Welcome back Sember
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
Albert Einstein
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Mushroom homie! I feel like we've had a few chats about growing mushrooms and mushroom cultivation, welcome back my dude I very much look forward to more mushroom chats
Go away
Welcome back dude!
If you can read this you're gay.
Welcome back brother, and congratulations!
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Welcome back. Hope all is good with you. See you on server soon  Smile
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