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Report on player 76561199015046880
Offender's Name:
the paint is cast

Offender's SteamID:

Potential Witnesses:

Reason to Ban:
This was the second time I had been rdm'ed by this player within an hour and a half. They were slayed the first time and the player rdmed me again (clip below) once no staff were available. This player is a server Regular

Video Captured with Nvidia Replay   (at 0:39)
If needed more information please contact me on Discord @Fred Flintstone
User's SteamID is: STEAM_0:0:527390576
What is this evidence showing? There's no audio and it looks like you attempted to rdm him first. There is no reason to shoot him there as you have no evidence towards who did damage to you.

-1 on this ban request since it shows insufficient evidence needed for a ban
lol what, how isn’t this closed yet -1
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Hi Fred, for evidence regarding RDM please follow the procedure of acquiring evidence via damage logs by pressing f8. A screenshot goes a long way for evidence. Please upload damagelogs so we can effectively handle it!
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I'm not gonna +1 or -1. There is a lot of evidence lacking, yes without audio its even worse. Although you can barely make it out, it does seem likely that he did crowbar you with the time you slowed it down, it is showing that said player is finishing his crowbar animation the moment you took damage. Now without the audio or the footage showing that he clearly hit you, this is still insufficient evidence. If you can also gather screenshots from the damage logs during the map by pressing f8 that would help a ton.
Bump to get this thread closed
Closing due to improper formatting.
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