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Unban Request
Steam Name: BearTrap

Steam I.D: 

Who banned you: MUTE Roger the Rabbit

Reason for ban: Ghosting

Reason for Admins to unban you: This happened 4 years ago and I was immature at the time, I no longer do things like this.
Now that's a name I have not seen in a LONG time. A clear +1 for unban since this was back in the day of a perma ban for ghosting right away
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I feel like for a first offense this does in this time feel a bit extreme. I think a four year period is more than enough time to be better. Hope to see you chilling out in PH!

+1 for an unban.
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[Image: B1nrUfR.png] Nuru Shortmin Aboose
Your unban request has been accepted, welcome back.
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