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Unban request - I'll try to get my shit together
Ingame Name: Dill Doe

SteamID: 76561198128871564

Who Banned You: Kaptain Les

Reason For Ban: He said Constant false report, Lying, Delaying, and attempted mass.

Length of Ban: Perm for now 

Reason for Admins to Unban: I've been playing on your community for a very long time now. I know im a little fast on the trigger sometimes, but there are severasl times where i can kos players, but admins dont bother to ask, and then they dont know where the kos came form. I often look back in chats to see old kos'es, old susses, or remember who killed an inno earlier, and then kill them later the same round. But things like that, reasons like that, look like the kos or kill is coming form nowhere. 
Im not saying that its like that every time, but i got into situations because of that pretty often, and took quite a lot of slays i shouldn't have got because of admins not checking my story. 

I know im afk a lot. I play, and sudenly i dissapear for all between 2-20min. If you see me afk, and delaying, Just move me to spectators plz. I wont get mad. You can do it each time you see me afk as the last player. 
I dont think its necesarry to ban me for delay, when an mod can easily move me. 

Idk why he wrote false reports, as i try not to false report people, and dont do it. 
Sometimes if im unsure of someones answer on my report, i keep the report because i think that the admin can check up the facts and decide, but its not something that hapens all the time. 
While people false report me all the time, and keep reports even tho i give them a valid reason and response. 
I dont think he should include false reporting on the ban, or lying in reports neither. 

I will try to get my shit together, and not kos people fast, and ill try to move myself to specs when i go to do something. 
You'll see a improvement in my gameplay if you give me a chance, and if you wont be happy with me, Then i think it'll be fait to ban me again. Maybe not perm staright away, but to let me learn. 
I really love your community and players, and want to be a part of it. And i'd like to show the poeople that i've upset, that i've changed. That i can be less impulsive and all that. 
My impulsivity comes from my strong ADHD, and im very aware of that it made troubles on the server sometimes .

Ill try my best, and hope you can give me a chance to prove it. 

Sorry guys <3 

Have you been banned before (Link relevant threads): 

I dont remember. Maybe i got banned on here because of shittalking while i was drunk. It never hapened after. 
Time of ban: 30-05-21 02:37 Reason: go to the forums gave you enough chances (day ban for flaming)
Time of ban: 05-08-21 22:05 Reason: Habbit of False KOSing, Take this time to re-read the rules around KOSing (one day)
Time of ban: 04-09-21 01:15 Reason: Constant RDM, Constant False Report, Lying in reports, Constant Delay Attempted Mass. (now)

If by getting your shit together you mean that you'll stop consistently RDMing, filing false reports, lying in reports, standing AFK in the server while time farming or only waiting for traitor rounds, arguing with staff, false kosing, and probably a few more things I'm forgetting, then I think you should be given one more chance due to what seems like a genuine apology even though most consider you to be a toxic troll.

I want to acknowledge that you have been a problem for months and a large amount of regulars have reported you for causing issues or being a bother through ingame (private, public, and admin) chats and discord (both private and general). You honestly should have been banned sooner.

-1 on immediate unban, +1 on a reduction to a longer amount of time (at least two weeks, up to three months as this is your second ban for the same offenses given a number of warnings). Staff will be watching you VERY closely IF you come back to make sure you don't get away with what you have been getting away with with no tolerance and my full support on an indefinite ban with any further offenses.
It sounds fair.
I have my flaws, and i'll try to get a grip around them.
And im sorry.
Thank you cee

Time of ban: 05-08-21 22:05 Reason: Habbit of False KOSing, Take this time to re-read the rules around KOSing (one month)

That ban wasnt't one month. I think i got banned for 2hours or something like that
It was one day, my fault. I edited my original post.
I think you should let me play after 1-2weeks, and show you that i can handle myself.
Because i think u know that some of the listed reasons aren't valid, and i think you know that a reason for my ban is also a resolt of inner frustration off many small events. but i know that many small mistakes here and there regulary, can and did result in flustration, and i respect that.

My honest thought is that no matter if i come back in one month or today, wont change anythign. I have to practie the gameplay and be more careful/less impulsive, and i think that i could use 1-2weeks to practice on other servers, before coming back to you again.
But also, id like to play with the guys ive upset, and shot them that i can make a change, and build up my relations.

I wasn't banned for 1month before on that one ban u listed Wink. I'd remember.

It's up to you guys, but i think i have to practice and get on a different flow for a fef days, and then come back to you.

I have a request also. Im home sick this week, so i'll play a lot.
Could u let me play in 2-3 days, or at friday and just have me on your radar. If i fuck up, then ban me for a longer time, but i really dont think it's necessary to hold me away for long now.

I'll get my shit together, i promise.
and if i fail, then i guess my medical conditions, are to big of a hinder for this community, and i'll be ok with that.

And btw, witht he going afk. Like i said, i have ADHD and im very impulsive, SO sometimes i go out to get water, and get driven away and end up doing several different things before ending back up on the game. So plz keep that in mind, and just move me to spectators whenever you feel like it, or whenever its necesarry. I really dont want to delay, and its a easy fix.
I also never intended to time farm. Its very hard to controll the adhd. Just move me to specs or kick. Im fine with it
You're always quick to kill, if you just learn when and when not to jump into fights then I see no other issue with you.
-1 hard to explain without being mean but you are just one of the worst people to play with ://
u never listen u always delay u rdm and come up with excuses and its not only a first time occurrence, u have been doing this ever since u got unbanned the server would be so much better without you sorry not sorry

also i just read the adhd part u had to mention continously and how it's a hinder to the community, please dont try to guilt trip or use ur supposed ADHD as an excuse

+1 reduction to 1-2 weeks. my problem with you is that you seem to have no understanding on how to play the game. and when people try to tell you what you're doing wrong or how to play, you either get very defensive or dismissive. it's caused a lot of people (myself included) to not enjoy playing with you at all. I'm also pretty sure almost all of this is because you don't play without sound (or at least voice enabled). it's gonna be really hard to play this game and not be a troublemaker when you significantly handicap yourself this way. TTT is a game that requires a significant amount of attention to be paid if you're going to actively participate in it. you just need to be more mindful and aware of when you play. I believe you can reform yourself though.
-1 on a full unban but +1 on a reduction of 1-2 weeks.

As other's have said, it is really hard playing with you, but I am in the opinion of that people can change. I believe you can better yourself and come back better than before.

Also, the steam ID should be STEAM_0:0:84302918
[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: Screenshot_28.png]

Listen To LOFI LOFT on Youtube, It's great.

Never Forget
+1 on a 6 month ban or something like that, you've been banned constantly before, warned numerous times. I really think you should take some time to consider your actions before coming back, but that's just my thought.
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