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The search for intelligent life continues
When did you lose faith in your fellow man? When did you learn that 50% of people are below average intelligence? Give us your best college, retail, idiot in line at Starbucks stories. 
Laced will probably post Addressing Toxicity

In college, probably Junior year, we had a dorm’s parties all shut down because some other frat idiot pulled a fire alarm in another frats party. So I go over to gf place where a bunch of the student resident helpers are having their own to hang. I walk outside for some air after a time and notice that the balcony above me has the smell of smoke coming out of it. I tell them since it’s their job to notify campus life and run up to see what’s going on with a bunch (sobriety varied) in tow. This is where our story begins. 

The dorm is for four volleyball girls living on campus. Two were inside cooking on the stove (full small kitchen) when they light the corner of a wash rag on fire. Nothing electrical, not a grease fire, straight flame + cloth. The two pull some pretty professional knowledge together and decide the way to put this fire out is to throw the rag in the freezer and shut the door. The cold will put it out. The two finish food and go off into their rooms. 

Some time not long after the third roommate arrives home and notices that the refrigerator is smoking. She decides the best course of action is to unplug the refrigerator and let it sort itself out, going into her own room for the night. 

The fourth returns home from work to notice that the refrigerator is noticeably smoking from the freezer. The fourth investigates and finds a still lit wash rag that is about half gone inside the freezer. She is obviously concerned by this and decides to remove the wash rag by throwing it outside on the balcony to sort itself out and goes in for the night. 

Enter myself and several drunk resident assistants. Some are piecing the story together with the girls while in the background two RAs are arguing if the fire should be put out with coffee grounds or water. The dude goes in to get a cup and come out with water, immediately putting the half a rag out of its misery. 

To answer questions the dorm contains two showers, two toilets, three sinks. And not all but most were blonde. Sports full ride.
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So, I was at dollar tree with my cousin getting groceries. This dollar tree has a system with the carts where you have to put a coin in the slot before being able to use it.

This dumb cunt walks in and tries to scam the employee by saying that "It's not working" while actively holding her thumb over the slot so that the employee couldn't see. Then, the employee activates the cart for her anyway so that they could use it.

Idiots man, I hate them.
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Listen To LOFI LOFT on Youtube, It's great.

Never Forget
At this point I'm joining the aliens side when they invade earth.
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so i joined this gmod server once
most of my stories are just about kids i worked with for like a month and i feel like ranting about them would just make me look like a bad person so yeah, no lmao
I am sowwy fow youw smaww bulge due to being staff. I wiww be suwe to bwing dis issue up wif ouw management team to ensuwe dat we can potentiawwy wesowve dis issue so yew and othew pwayews do not face such ciwcumcision again in the futuwe. Fank yew

boohoo cracker
Had a lady ask for "Barbecue dip" once and then preceded to say "yeah i want BBQ heh i dont even know what that stands for." like bitch you just said what it stands for :/
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Considering I work as a supervisor for a Spectrum Communications chat support center, I have far too many stories as I deal with these kind of people daily. I'll write some later.
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(09-14-2021, 03:51 PM)Nicol Bolas Wrote: Considering I work as a supervisor for a Spectrum Communications chat support center, I have far too many stories as I deal with these kind of people daily. I'll write some later.
Can you hook me up with discounted Internet?
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This happened a few days ago.. I work IT in manufacturing and our building got its power cut over the weekend so we could get some upgraded electric service. One techs job was to come in on Friday night before the power cut and power down our servers, and another techs job was to come in Sunday night when the power was back on to boot everything back up before Monday morning.

Friday went fine, but apparently we had our time server setting misconfigured on our primary domain controller, so when the guy came in to boot everything back on Sunday, no computers would sign in because the clocks on the domain controllers were wrong compared to the computer clocks. The tech does some troubleshooting, texts in the group chat to ask what to do, and someone else walks him through the steps to readd a time server (which doesn't work) before the tech eventually calls me to come in and fix it.

I drive over and go into our server closet to help. A monitor is plugged into our primary domain controller, so I look at the clock in the corner and ask "Did you try to just set the clock in control panel?"

He responds "Well, no I didn't try that"

So I went and set the clock on the domain controller to the time on my phone and rebooted. Everything worked fine, imagine that..

TL;DR tech calls me at 8:00PM on a Sunday to drive to work and set the clock on a computer
Why are we titling threads"The search for intelligent life" and yet expect to find it here?

I guarantee you there will be very little intelligence found here.
When you queue cringe
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Never Forget

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