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Ruh roh here comes another one.
Offender's Name: xbeast4s=

Offender's SteamID:[b](STEAM_0:0:153779698)[/b]

Potential Witnesses: Sitting duck

Reason to Ban: RDM & Leaf

[Image: 5n0nce.jpg]
I am sowwy fow youw smaww bulge due to being staff. I wiww be suwe to bwing dis issue up wif ouw management team to ensuwe dat we can potentiawwy wesowve dis issue so yew and othew pwayews do not face such ciwcumcision again in the futuwe. Fank yew

boohoo cracker

Clear cut rdm and leave.
[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: Screenshot_28.png]

Listen To LOFI LOFT on Youtube, It's great.

Never Forget
+1 on this, they left after the slay was added and the game notified them of the outcome, and I assume a report was filed. The screenshot of the report would've been nice though.
Closing this as it has been too long to issue a ban for 1 day. I took a break for a day and didn't get to this in time. If I issued a ban it would be up in 6 hours or so.
[Image: EKuPp8I.jpg]
[Image: he-man-background-1.gif]

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