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So I uh.. built some stuff in Minecraft c:

Besides GMod, my favourite game to play is Minecraft and I've been playing it for almost 12 years now gfgdhgfd. I am also a really big Star Trek nerd and I wanted to show my appreciation for both by building the various starships from it in Minecraft. I really love the aesthetic of the newer Star Trek movies so those are the ones I make. ;-;

These are some renders I did of a few of the ships I have built so far:

[Image: Lw5TOOF.png]

[Image: T8pKZ6v.png]

[Image: 4Ryn0yk.png]

[Image: PlzgZzz.png]

So um... yeah. I'm a huge nerd I know gdfgfdsgs. But I really love making them and I have no plans to stop anytime soon c':
Holy shit those are amazing. I'm in awe.
[Image: ddxz93p-7f7f064b-66eb-47ff-a5bf-ad25fbb3...DYVOP_TtMU]
[Image: badminconfirmed.png]
Impressive,you should play on dinks minecraft server sometime
[Image: 20211011_192503.jpg]
Those look wonderful Astral. Just amazing time and commitment you put on your projects. Glad to see them finished and in just amazing quality at that. Keep up the amazing work. ?
[Image: loona-hazbin-hotel.gif]
definitely stunning detail, good job

for me personally, nothing will beat the immaculate detailing on the models they used from the 60s/70s and especially the 90s, plus the matte paintings were amazing
[Image: image0.gif]
Dam astral. That is indeed impressive.
And here i thought I was a good builder lmfao FUCK NO! This is awesome!
[Image: spooky-scary.gif]
[Image: v1.png]
Very impressive!

Didn't even put the link, if you're gonna plug yourself do it right:
I love your ships but I don't understand why you won't let me install a working self-destruct system in them.
i couldn’t tell that they were blocks what dah
[Image: hatedan.png]

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