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hi . . ;)
Ingame Name: dan

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:58762266
Discord Tag: Dan#3986

Time Played: at least 500+

Sponsors: BryanBrr, ratty

When First Joined: beginning of covid

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): when I feel like it, sometimes i busy getting my degree or working out (i'm really buff and hot)

Rank Desired: trusted

Current Rank: donor+++

What can you do to help the community: I (dan) was one of the best staff members the server has seen, I treat players with kindness and fairness and spread my beautiful vibes to everyone I encounter on the great server of dinkleberg's. I've been staff before and I've stayed connected with the community so I'll have a breeze picking trusted back up.

Why you want to help the community: I love making friends on the server and I like flexing my deagle skills 24/7 on the server. I'm a helper and caretaker at heart. ❤️

Have you been previously banned? (Link Relevant Posts): 5 joke bans (bad boy)

Have you previously applied for staff? (Link Relevant Posts):

How did you find us?: I'm a magnet to good communities

Did you fill out the required scenario questions for rank you are applying for? (Links under requirements in format thread): probably, but last I heard the admins don't even read those anymore ?

Other: I wrote this staff app all by myself.
[Image: hatedan.png]
Despite how silly the post/app may seem, Dan was a fantastic T-Mod and has been active in the server.
He has been tremendously helpful to staff since his resignation some time ago.

I am biased as Dan and I started up the ranks together (along with 2rats and Les) but I think moving his talents from outside help to inside help would be phenomenal.

I have some concerns about how serious the app is written but I do think this is legitimate.

A biased +1
When you queue cringe
[Image: dan_ceebeast_gif.gif]
Never Forget
jesus christ finally you slow ass fuck, ive been waiting for this for ages

easy +1 from me considering you’ve modeled what we’ve come to expect from any good staff member:
-Good activity
-Good understanding of the rules
-Friendly and helpful
-Homosexuality (this one from you especially)

it’d be grossly neglectful of us to not want someone so helpful on the staff team
[Image: image0.gif]
dude was still staff after like 9 months of active playing after his resignation never abused once not only was he good staff but he is a good person+1 im very bias but what i said is all true to my knowledge
[Image: 4kcofo.jpg]thx fish[Image: Salsa_UwU.jpg]
I wish I played with you during your era, we would of been best friends... so let's do that now lmfao I can't really put a vote on you since we... barely play or interact and you usually get off when i get on or vice versa but I will support you if you get staff.

So lets be friends so I can +1 you
[Image: wiiu-destruction.gif][Image: wiiu-destruction.gif]
+1 dans a good guy he staffed great and would help me all the time even when he was "resigned"

 I may have supervised the shitposting part of this app.
Yeah this guy smells like rabbit shit +1.

He was a great test mod before so it wouldn't hurt to have him back on the staff team

Power Hungry Staff Member

Never Forget
Had to check game tracker for a minute since I don’t remember playing with you that much lately but sure enough your activity is fine. I guess we just don’t run into each other that much. Anyway this is a given 1+ even if I haven’t played much with him in person lately however I still know enough to do a vote. Truth be known Dan was one of my most favorite staff members last year. He did a good job at staffing. So why not, if he wants to staff-again then let him. Good luck on your app dan.
+1 Was the best when he was mod previously. I don't see why not add him back.
[Image: spooky-scary.gif]
[Image: v1.png]
make TTT even better, sir dan. Just don’t make anyone else do your insane diet, you could kill someone!!!


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