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Two and a Half Men is an American television sitcom that originally aired on CBS for
Forum/Steam Name: Laced Xanax

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:61988625

Who Banned You (Staff Member or System): im willing to bet it was matt

Who Temporarily Unbanned You: yours grandma

Reason For Ban: Harassment

Length of Ban: Perm

Reason for Admins to Unban: The way the term "harassment" is thrown around in this scenario is completely subjective. ThePhoenix getting shit on by the rest of the community is okay, but I post a funny screenshot from the last ban request on him and all of a sudden it's harassment. Not to mention a good 3/4 of his video, by his and the forum admins' definition, is harassment against me. So if anybody should be banned, it should be him lmfao

I know exactly the outcome of the ban request before I even post it, but I figure I might as well showcase the priorities of some of the upper staff while I'm at it.

Have you been banned before (Link relevant threads): too many times to count

Other: btw, defending known pedophiles from public ridicule like they deserve is extremely sus lmfao
The original ban was for reaching the warn threshold. The first half was over the rippe post which you know not to, had a general notice to not post faces much less drag that one through the mud again. Given how you took it to discord and got a ban from a warn / strike limit again I’d say you didn’t care there either.
The next was the very useful fuck you pic to Phoenix. Even given the situation this is not condoned for the forums. This 50% and the other lead to the ban, and really the warn level could have been debated for what to do beside the autoban of 0 even though you have the longest warn history on the forums.
But the added comment on top of the rest of this thread’s framing tells me this situation is a joke for you to poke at with a serious sweeping claim to fan a fire. This is demeaning for all parties and you have been -round long enough with these admins to be aware of their stances. The accusation is disgusting and out enough that your ban will be extended over it. I won’t set a time here, but it will be longer than you’d like. See you in ‘22 maybe.
Matt_St3 / Strongrule / Spartan001295
Forum Admin - Resigned TTT Admin
[00:04] matt_st3 (Strongrule) [traitor] has damaged Taliban Tom [detective] for 4.9999999349555e+14 HP with an unknown weapon

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