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Ingame Name: Duanuki

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:94650047

Who Banned You: MiniMe2001

Reason For Ban: Posting links to porn in game

Length of Ban: Perm

Reason for Admins to Unban: Wasn't really aware of GMod's global ruleset so I didn't knew what that would entail, and I chose to do it anyways. 
Looking back on it, I am regretful of my lack of etiquette and/or common sense. I've been playing on the server for a bit now, so it's on me for being this stupid. 
I swear I'll refrain from doing something that deplorable again.

Have you been banned before (Link relevant threads): Not that I can remember.

Other: It'd be funny if I was temp 'til New Years, but that's just me, I can wait.
Just don’t post stupid stuff like that again. Frankly I didn’t play with you or were in game for your banning but you do seem remorseful. 1+ on a reduction since the other players in discord seemed to be fine with you and encouraged you to do an appeal. Just don’t do stuff like this again and it should be fine.
I wasn't even in game and I saw what a couple of y'all were posting, and my god was it a lot to take in even for me.

I'll be honest, I don't 100% believe that you didn't know posting porn was against on only our rules, but against Gmod ToS entirely. It's common sense not to post that kind of stuff in an open online platform, especially in a game accessible to, and regularly played, by kids.

That being said, I appreciate that you owned up to the mistake. Just know that just because it's late night/early am doesn't mean that someone isn't watching, or that someone won't go back and look at what happened overnight.

Not voting as it's not my server, but I wish you the best of luck.
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Playing with you multiple times in game, easy +1 for reduction. You're really nice, this was just a very stupid thing to do which you clearly learned from. Like jesse said, you definitely seem remorseful. I'm sure it wont happen again.
Kind of mixed on this. I did happen to grab the evidence and clear all that shit from our relay. It's all cool that you're apologizing but I don't think you should have a straight unban. Posting that stuff is not okay. You weren't the one who started posting but you definitely started going with it. That shit isn't cool man.

-1 for unban. +1 for reduction. (Needs to be a decent length imo) 2-3 months.
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Others have said it... why even risk posting that stuff when you know minors can be present. Also, it IS clearly in the server rules not to do that.

Your in game behavior beforehand wasn't bad though, so I can support an unban on this one.
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-1 on an any form of an unban. There are minors on gmod and regardless of what crazy thoughts were going through your head I will never understand why anyone would ever think it is at all ok to send links to PORN on a gmod server. Think a little.
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I'm 99.99999999% an automatic no on anything of this nature. Posting porn in our server caused a bit of a panic among our staff team yesterday. What you did was stupid and, as you put it, deplorable.

I'm not sure if it's 100% an issue with Gmod, but it is an issue with our rules. We do have those under the age of consent to play, and there is no legal manner in which to share such content with them.
It also causes issues with discord since we have a relay that relays our chat to discord. Technically discord TOS was violated because of such links being relayed to a non-NSFW channel.

I do see from discord that you were engaging more with the community, prior to your ban, and it's possible that this was a joke gone way too far.

The excuse here of gmod's global rule set makes no sense whatsoever. The excuse of lack of common sense makes more sense. But while let someone back who has no common sense?

At this stage I am a -1 for any relief from the ban. I'd like to see some time pass to prove that you are 1. Wanting/willing to serve some time and 2. Understand the gravity of posting porn links to a video game often played by minors.

Frankly, my only path to support of you returning is as early as the summer. And even then, only when you start treating this more seriously than even this app suggests.

Some of the accountability you took tonight is nice, and I do note that you don't have any bans at any other communities that I could see. However, this wasn't a slipup but was a deliberate act; this appeal is not enough for me. -1
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Straight away, -1. I don't know you and I don't need to know you to come to my answer. There are children, VERY OBVIOUSLY I MIGHT ADD, on gmod, on most games actually.
Nothing in me screams "give them a chance". This is how men go to prison.
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I had to censor myself or Travis was going to have to figure out how I could be warned. Why on earth would you post that in a gaming server? Someone really should get dink to move a copy of the blocker to TTT for this kind of thing. -1
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