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Rayzor Film
Offender's Name: RayzorFilms

Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:65321328

What Server(s): TTT 

Offender's Rank: Donor

What They Did: Ungagged after staff gagged them for a slur played from a soundboard. 

When They Did It: five minutes ago?

Potential Witnesses: KaptainLes, HumaneStephen, Zombina

Proof (You must have VIDEO and/or Multiple Screenshots as proof*): 
[Image: uFx6ZEG.png]
[Image: SMAiCOT.png]
[Image: BFxElDj.png]
[Image: O5aNlSw.png]

Other: This is the reason he was gagged. Beware of slur

Also interesting comments on said video.
[Image: hellsing-alucard.gif]
[Image: 6jCIuUl.gif]
Gonna add this one aswell
[Image: co7wP7S.jpeg]

The total times he ungaged himself was 4 times, Member received a warn, kick and is now is currently banned for 1 day.
Also RDMed Ryzif for gagging him.
[Image: EKuPp8I.jpg]
[Image: he-man-background-1.gif]
Every new donor should be logged in my opinion and handed the donor guidelines when available

Also, +1 for a strike or removal since this guy thinks he can skirt around the rules with donor powers.
Never Forget


Retired TTT Trusted. 9/15/21 - 11/12/21
+1 I have screen shots of him gag and mute avoiding was going to make a ban request but had not gotten around to it, and him saying f slur

Edit: At the time he was not ungagging or unmuting himself since I dont think he even knew he could.

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