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[Discord] Reports Procedure & Format
The purpose of submitting a discord report is to report other users who are causing issues in the discord.
Discord reports submitted here are discrete, and are only viewable by upper staff (discord staff, forum staff, and server admins).

To file a user report, please post a thread in this sub-forum using the format below.
Because this thread is discrete, there is no need to withhold evidence or DM it to an admin - just post it here.
Your report will be addressed by a member of upper staff (discord moderator or server admin) within 72 hours of posting.

Offender's Discord Username consists of their account username and 4 numbers following (e.g. jammin#8313).
Offender's Discord User ID is an 18-digit unique identifying number built into the discord system. Instructions on how to acquire this can be found here.
Potential Witnesses is an optional field. List the names of any parties who may have witnessed the action (username is fine).
Rule Violation is the rule that is being violated. The rules are listed in the #da-rules section. The rule number should be listed (e.g. if the individual is flaming another user, this violates rule 1b)
Evidence is proof of the violation occurring. This may occur in the form of screenshots, message links, videos, etc. If the message was deleted, please provide the channel, date, and time as to when the message was posted. If we are able to recover the evidence in the logs, we will use that.
If the incident occurred in voice without video/audio evidence available, you must provide witnesses who can support the narrative.

Only file a report for actual rule violations, and follow the instructions as listed above. Using this forum to shitpost may result in forum moderation action.


Offender's Discord Username:

Offender's Discord User ID:

Potential Witnesses:

Rule Violation:

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