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what the fuck
Your Discord Username: Shaye

Your Discord User ID: Shaye#0203

Auttaja Punishment ID:978364802269200

Ban Length: 1 week

Appeal Type:
  1. [color=var(--text-normal)]flaming staff/toxicity/general nsfw chat. rule 5 (major) rule 1 (minor) violation. You may appeal at [one week length][/color]

What would you like to tell us: i got banned for one week for calling someone a nut hugger and the staff member who banned me is obviously targetting me!!!
If we're banning for this then this thread grows more relevant by the day.

+1 to a full unban.
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A nut hugger..? The fuck does that mean.
(05-10-2022, 08:08 PM)JesseTheUndeadCowboy Wrote: A nut hugger..? The fuck does that mean.
as the name implies a nut hugger one who hugs nut
[Image: giphy.gif]
(05-10-2022, 08:08 PM)JesseTheUndeadCowboy Wrote: A nut hugger..? The fuck does that mean.
nut huggers · A pair of trousers, usually jeans, which are too tight, especially in the crotch. Also: Ball Blasters, Choad Chokers, Cock crushers, Dick Dammers.

You got banned? That's crazy. I think that this was unjustifiable, and utterly asinine.

+1 for an unban, unless there is an actual explanation for how that's a significant violation I will not be swayed to say otherwise. There was no actual valid reason for Shaye to get banned other than possible a warning limit; however, if you consider that into the equation, calling someone a "nut hugger" is not really a qualifier for a Rule 5a violation in my opinion.
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(05-10-2022, 08:14 PM)dong Wrote: Smh
If you cannot provide valuable criticism other than Smh(with no real context) I recommend not commenting. If its based off of something that you're not comfortable with sharing publicly just dm an admin on discord.
[gBan] Turner has banned NuKulz - Duration: Indefinitely! (Sir, I would like to thank you for giving me the right to have this ban reason 'Mass Goomba stomp')
Why don't we just wait until discord staff respond instead of flapping our lips without any context for the ban (if there is more context)?
No harm in waiting a bit Smile.
bambi was banned for these messages
"icey is a dick rider
cum swallowing
staff riding
piece of garb
-1 -1 -1"
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If this is really the only thing that caused the ban, I would really say this is a prime example of over staffing... I would wait for more input from the banner though.

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if its gross delete the message and warn (kinda was), 1 week ban for talking about cum and dicks, good luck sustaining that in a gmod discord

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