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Just a suggestion
I was thinking earlier about Murder and things that could help "Upgrade" the server. I kinda had the idea of a "weapon upgrade" for bystanders. For example:

5 props- standard revolver
10 props- shotgun
15 props- assault rifle
25 RPG -

like I said, it's only a suggestion, so of course changes can be made but I thought it could freshen up the gameplay's style.
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Are there 10 props in any map? I feel like getting even 3-4 is lucky at best.
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Yeah I'm with Jammin here; I might get 3 at best before I get murdered lol

Part of it might be because I suck at Murder though.
(05-12-2022, 02:40 AM)Jammin Wrote: Are there 10 props in any map? I feel like getting even 3-4 is lucky at best.
Every single map has at least 25-30 loots I'm pretty sure.

You can maybe find 10 loots in one round but there is no way you will find 25 loots in one round "5 mins" LMAO
I'm usually a clue hunter when I play and there's no way I'll even get 10 in a round. I barely even get the 5 needed for a revolver, and that's only if I get lucky. Most of the time I'll die too quickly or the round will end before I get there. Interesting suggestion, but realistically impossible sorry to say.
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I've only gotten 10 props a couple times and any more would be excessive and unneeded. I think it would be kind of nice to drop another gun once you got 10 instead of it only giving one at 5 but the other things are not needed.
It would be pretty cool to get a reward for getting 10 props, especially since its pretty hard, fun challenge
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I can see the 10 happening, but definitely not the 25.
I am in support of shotgun and see if I can get something done before the ball.

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