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Unban request
Ingame name:Tempest <3


Who banned you:August

Reason for ban:Hacking/alt evasion

Length of ban:Forever

Reason for mod to unban:I can show proof that im not hacking nor is this an alt.I also was kinda just hopping around and then died then blam banned

Have you been banned before:No
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:633733700
Interesting how someone with your exact old name got banned a few days prior

[Image: Screenshot_20220513-153301.png][Image: Screenshot_20220513-153158.png]
When you queue cringe
[Image: dan_ceebeast_gif.gif]
Never Forget

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Steam id is STEAM_0:0:633733700

Waiting evidence from @August before I vote.
[Image: 13A01vX.png]
So in accordance with the images that @Jammin posted. You replied in the discord that he's a "good friend" if he's a good friend, why don't you have him added? Also why are you getting banned for the exact same thing that he was banned for? I'd like to see the video proof that @August has but at the same time these reasons don't really line out.
[Image: wattson-apex-legends.gif]
[Image: 6jCIuUl.gif]
*old video redacted due to discord oops*

Video from today will be posted once my slow-ass upload finishes.

Like Ryzif and Jammin, I don't really buy the story that they are just your "good friend." Your Tempest account is only 4 months old, and has only two names on record. That means when you started this account, you took the name Fb//luck. If they were just your good friend, why are they not your friend on steam? Especially if they commented on your profile? And why would you start this account with the same name?
[Image: ErQ4M8K.jpg] 
Fb//luck is a weird guy he unfriends people all the time don't know why.

My accounts original name was tempest i can show the actual steam accounts username which is Tempest
I cleared my previous alias cause I had like 10 differnet variations of Tempest.I used to play on my brothers pc before last christmas and It's name is also tempest I made this account for my pc because I wanted to use my own account.

I can stream my screen in the vc if thats what it takes to prove that im not luck

Also if I may ask what made you even be sus of me?
Going along with Jammin and August, I don't buy the friend story or that you and the "other guy" just play a lot of gmod and csgo surfing. The server is configured in a way that it is basically impossible to bhop in the way that you were unless you are sprinting as murderer while doing so. We have August's footage along with some that I got and will be posting shortly.

Edit: I'm going to change to a +1 because after seeing the video again and seeing others' input I can agree that it was not a script because of the mistakes; however, I will say that I still don't really believe that this isn't an alt for Fb//Luck and for that I am neutral.

I can say that bhopping on your server is a bit hard but not impossible and also the jumppack makes it 10 times easier to bhop

Also if you would unban me I would show you how I bhop cause what you didn't see was me messing up multiple times around some of those corners I also failed alot my hops in previous rounds.I can easily explain the backwards bhopping as just general game knowledge and timing because I have 5 weeks on another murder server which has double jump which makes its alot harder to bhop on.

That video has absolutely no evidence that I was using a script nor hacking is just shows me hopping around.You said that you would gather more evidence yet banned me after I juked a guy. Also if you check my ip and lucks you can see that are ips are completely differnet
We are still waiting for August's video; however to be clear tempest, we don't do the whole "unban me and I'll show you" thing. This is going to remain open until August's video but not turn into a back and forth discussion.
As for excuses on name clearing etc; there's places that log name changes even with clearing history. Your story already is busted there. I suggest you cut the shit fam because I don't do lying.
Bro now your lying and making stuff up if you were to actually look at my previous names you would see other names but you cant because like I said before I cleared them so now how about you cut the shit.Im glad to provide any info you need and ill be glad to assist in proving my innocents but dont make something up.

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