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prophunt staff application

Steam ID: Your steam ID goes here. It should like this: STEAM_0:1:4457298

time played: atleast like 2 minutes

first join: i think yesterday

availability never

current rank guest

what can u do to help the community : become staff and sing

why do u want to help the ommunity : become staff and sing

have u been previously banned : ithink atleast one

have u previousely applied for staff : yeas community leader for xenogamers commhnity tf2 but i got permabanned idk why

do  have a way to take video or screenshot : i have a monitor and a phone

how did u find us ; google

other : hi
[Image: unknown.png]
+1 i trust this man with all of my life. I have known caribou for at least 79% of my whole life and he is one of the greatest candidates for this server's staff team. Please wholeheartedly give this man your all.
I trust this man with my life to run Prop Hunt. He’d be a great addition to the team.

His singing has brought TTT back to a point of enjoyment. The PH server would greatly benefit by having him on the team! +12
[Image: image0.png]
2x TTT Admin
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers
I believe that this man can staff the hell out of any server he wants to be a part of.


o7 A Farewell to Arms o7

Eat shit and live Damien…..

“I was in a butcher shop once and a pig’s head told me that God and the Devil killed each other a long time ago” -Evan Kelmp

+rep : ) Nov. 02 2021 - June 5th 2022

[Image: unknown.png]

what in the god damn
really a big +1 this man donated his kidney and left thumb to save my life
i WILL find your exact location :) +1
[Image: image.png]

It's Caribou! What more do I need to say?!
[Image: im_right_youre_wrong_next_greeting_cards...vr_512.jpg]
Wow, the amount of time and effort you put into making this thread post is impressive. Almost impressive enough to be applied to an actual fucking job where you are paid to be a try hard. Perhaps I truly cared about playing for long enough to do anything other than rdm and leave, just to throw a monkey wrench in your serious gameplay on fucking garrys mod. If I were doing anything on this server other than fucking around and chaotic play, then I think I would ducking want to die!!lol toodles bitch.✌?✌?

The sun smiles at you with eternal malice

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