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What servers can we replace DR With?
melon bomber, jailbreak, darkrp. There's a MULTITUDE of options. We could actually implement a good 4th server if there is interest. 

thoughts? either we can do this or completely delete the Deathrun portion from the website and Discord. There's no valuable history there, so nobody would miss it!
The quantity of servers we currently have isn't the problem, it's the setup work it would take from the powers that be, who are busy
[Image: njeqheqr.png]
-courtesy of a sarcastic fish
give dero donor+ on all servers
I would play on a Dink's bhop server nonstop
[Image: b_560x95.png]

Been having fun improving some of the server addons - check out some of the changes here
Bring back darkrp
melon bomber PLEASE
I'm just sayin, derp and I have both repeatedly offered to do DarkRP. I can pay for it, him or I can host it.

J u s t s a y i n g
[Image: njeqheqr.png]
-courtesy of a sarcastic fish
Dinks Surf and Bhopping Server
[Image: G8CbP60.jpg]
“When you meet your God, tell him to leave me alone.” – Guts
gentlemen's club
it's own low quality tombstone in the graveyard
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