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White Hacking or Potentially Ghosting
Offender's Name & Steam ID: White (STEAM_0:0:756117879)

Potential Witnesses: @Super Milk Chan 

Reason to Ban: Hacking or potentially ghosting with red (STEAM_0:1:105209781), though they aren't friends. White was racking up kills over 10 kills with less than 20 minutes on the server.
Proof: Video 1Video 2

Other: N/A
[Image: Red__Black_Geometric_Gamer_Youtube_Banne...bf47c32e0&]
Ah that explains why his buddy was so bad at the game now that I get to see it from his POV. +1 this do be hacking.
[Image: Screenshot_20240120_220044_Discord.jpg?e...358bdcbe3&]
Banned for hacks, thanks.
[Image: ZN1HpFb.png]

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