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[TTT] Golden Vape for Golden Players
Hey fam, thanks for doing this! I already own a few vapes so I won't enter, but I hope you enjoy your time and congrats on the lucky unbox!
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I'm beginning to think you're not giving it to me :(

Steam Username: Jawa
Discord ID: bri'ish#1147
Play time/Date: Between like 600-700, joined last year
Airplane I think is cool: Defender-Class Light Corvette is pretty cool, comes with hyperdrive pre-installed upon purchase, but if I could choose anything regardless of price it would be D5-Mantis Patrol Craft, incredibly rare craft made by KD Yards Manufactures (so you know it's built to last) and comes with everything you could need including a Prisoner Transport capabilities. 
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Aight yall got about 90 mins until giveaway closes
Aight giveaway closed

Congrats Jawa!
idk why obs only recorded a corner of my screen but I wasnt gonna redo it.

This is actually annoying now I gotta wait a week to give it to you.
yoooo the vape that indirectly got me banned, lesssss ggggooooooooooooo boyz  :D :D :D
sorry for the wait Cast, i'll try buying my way into freedom

(off topic, willing to sale vape for 100 million dink bucks, any buyers???)
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