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Release Me
(03-12-2023, 01:09 AM)Kaiwan Wrote: I know that I've had a rocky history with starting arguments despite the constant warnings I've been given for it. I've got a loud mouth and no filter, so I can't promise that it will never happen again. I do, however, guarantee that I'll behave more appropriately if I am unbanned.

I’m very hesitant from giving a +1 because of this comment and looking back at the conversations you got banned for. Saying the statement that you have a loud mouth without a filter in a text based conversation means nothing because you can always not send a message or block someone if they are getting on your nerves.

I’m all for giving people another chance so I’ll say sure +1 but if you keep an argument going after being told to drop it I’m fine with staff re banning.

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what in the god damn
(03-12-2023, 05:01 PM)Jammin Wrote: December 2020 is less than 4 months ago
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-1, I simply don't trust you to not repeat the same behavior. You constantly instigated arguments, picked fights that quickly became hostile, were involved in some discord drama episodes, or some other problem that warranted a strike/or verbal warning. I genuinely appreciate the honesty but saying "I've got a loud mouth and no filter, so I can't promise that it will never happen again" doesn't give me much reason to trust that I or someone else won't have to deal with these issues again and the migraines that come with it.

You were also very combative and argumentative at times which made these issues worse when they didn't have to be. It made things way more hostile. Yes, sometimes others were involved or responsible for doing this or other similar issues as I said above but they always got punished as well. We never want an environment where we attack, be hostile to other people, or have constant arguments. Even if that is not the intention. So again admitting you have a loud mouth and no filter doesn't give me much hope this has changed in a short few months and that you will behave more appropriately now after the behavior that led to this ban happened for months. You should prove it by continuing to play on TTT and try another time. Try interacting on the forums too if you want to interact with people that frequent the community. Prove that you've changed and you'll behave more appropriately. Actions speak louder than words.

It's also only been 4 months too so again I don't think that's enough time for the constant warnings, strikes, mutes, etc that you received. It should be 6 months before we even consider having this conversation imo. You were given plenty of chances in my eyes. You caused a lot of issues and made life hard for people like Reina who had to deal with these issues and bs often. The hostility, instigating, drama, fights,  arguments, and everything else were bad. I think you need to recognize how problematic the behavior was. Rocky history is an understatement. As Jammin said, being good for one month or does not erase the bad.
I have to agree with some of the others. It is not enough time away for us to be having this conversation. I personally do not have any issues with you but the way you chose to behave within the Discord is not tolerated and things are still very fresh. I am at a -1 currently as I feel you need more time before getting unban.
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This unban appeal has minimal effort put into it and does not at all read like you are apologetic for your actions. -1 from me
I wouldn't say discretion was used in banning you. It was more the opposite. The amount of chances you received rather than the bans you earned was insane for me to view from the sidelines. This ban was a giant snow ball just slowly rolling and going as far as it could go. I won't dive too deep into it because it's done and over with but I do not believe you need back in at this time. 

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Certain people have been kept out of the discord longer for less, despite unban requests being made with just as legitimate effort being made to show improved behavior.

Not going to +/- 1 due to obvious previous biases that I still likely reserve, just wanted to point that out.

Granted Shaye got unbanned like 80 times so...
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-courtesy of a sarcastic fish
“I’ve got a loud mouth and no filter so I can’t promise it won’t happen again.”

Instant -1. It isn’t quirky alt girl to have no filter. Have some self control and follow the rules.
As stated before, "I’ve got a loud mouth and no filter so I can’t promise it won’t happen again." = instant -1

If you're unwilling/unable to change the things that got you banned then don't come back. 
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(03-12-2023, 11:15 PM)3mb3ry Wrote: This unban appeal has minimal effort put into it and does not at all read like you are apologetic for your actions. -1 from me

Anyways everybody else has already said it all and I agree with a -1 vote
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