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Release Me
I'm taking the criticisms posted here to heart. I didn't expect to be forgiven yet, but I wanted to show that I have considered my actions and am working to improve myself. I appreciate those of you who have shown support and those who have provided feedback. I will continue to improve and make sure that when I am given a chance to return I will be ready to contribute to the community in more positive ways.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come here and provide their perspectives.
+1 the toxic posts made the discord fun, unlike the PH staff posting shit memes
(03-12-2023, 01:09 AM)Kaiwan Wrote: I've got a loud mouth and no filter, so I can't promise that it will never happen again.

This is not an acceptable excuse for your behavior. Until you are able to take responsibility for your actions and confidently tell us that you will follow the rules and not allow yourself to cause or participate in future conflicts, we cannot allow you to return to the server. For that reason, this appeal has been denied. As August said in his response, trust is a major part of the ban appeal process. Based on this thread and your history on the server, we don't feel as though we can trust you. 

You can submit a new appeal in 30 days (04/14/2023), but I would recommend waiting until you feel as though you're able to rejoin without repeating the same mistakes.

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