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garry's mod
I'm resigning :D

Nothin major, just no motivation to do staff stuff anymore (not that there was much to do anyways lmfao)

Oh yeah, for anyone who didn't know I quietly resigned from TTT staff at the start of this year. Thought I'd clarify that bc some people still think I'm staff there

I could talk about how inactive Dink is and how he needs to pay attention to the entire community as opposed to just a single server and how he needs to listen to his admins, but it's beating a dead horse at this point. The odds that he reads this or any other resignation talking about this are very slim and the odds that he cares at all are even lower.

So ye

Not gonna tag a bunch of people that have made it fun to be part of the staff team and the community as a whole but you mfs should know who you are

i will tag one person actually

@reina i love you goober

bye bye staffers!!! o7
this is my application for web moderator
[Image: 1600px-Lesbian_Pride_Flag_2019svg.png]
this is also my application for web moderator

and i love you too, goober
[Image: image.png]
[Image: IMG_6393.png]
(09-11-2023, 03:36 PM)tiefling lesbian Wrote: this is my application for web moderator

your application has been denied, go die
Oh I was not expecting this. O7 thank you for your help.
(09-11-2023, 03:49 PM)lacer Wrote:
(09-11-2023, 03:36 PM)tiefling lesbian Wrote: this is my application for web moderator

your application has been denied, go die
your resignation has been denied
[Image: 1600px-Lesbian_Pride_Flag_2019svg.png]
thank u for all u did c:
[Image: image.png]
New revolution? o7
[Image: desktop-wallpaper-sukhoi-su-57-pushing-t...-su-57.jpg]
You were great staff. Good luck to your future, and thanks for your involvement! O7
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