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Let's try this again
-1 I'm going against the masses here. You have very few hours in recent time which to me shows minimal effort. You don't need admin to fix Murder, you need to try and help populate it. You would still have to go through Dink to get stuff added, and to me it seems like this will be the next server to be shut down.  Your character is definitely great and I have no issues with you, but being an admin will not fix anything unfortunately...
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2x TTT Admin
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers
I am going to agree with Dong on his comments. Murder, right now, doesn't need an admin who is becoming admin for the sake of the rank. If you are invested in making the server more popular better to start that now. A new rank isn't going to help you in this situation with the current status of the server. One suggestion for you is to consider hosting events within Discord to gather people together to play Murder. The more sessions where the server is populated, the more likely new people are going to be interested in joining. These are just my personal thoughts. Ultimately, the admin team will decide what's best for the community. It's important to avoid having another admin/leader who might become frustrated with a lack of communication from the owner. As a starting point, try organizing events with your current rank.

Best of luck!
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I have played murder like once during game night and that's it but I wanted to give my thoughts. I haven't heard about murder like at all from any murder players or staff. The only person I have heard about murder from is Chrona/discord omegalul user. He has planned murder nights to try to get it back in action and when I'm looking at murder chat he's the one speaking the most. I get having an admin for the server will help in some ways, but if u don't have anyone wanting to play besides planned nights I do not see having an admin to be that helpful.
While I understand everyone's concern that Murder doesn't need a Murder admin due to it being dead and that I haven't been active much, August has been resigned for a while now and if something were to go wrong with the server such as accidentally force changing to an unavailable map or someone joins causing problems on more than one account then me and Elf wouldn't be able to do anything to help. Rather than having someone who can fix those issues, we would have to wait for the server to fix it after some time or wait for the person to tire themselves out and leave which can cause the server to lose any life it had. I know I haven't been super active lately but work and life has been very busy for me and the times I've been available, other people have wanted to play different games or modes with me. If given the chance to show what I can do as Admin, I think I can really help the server and bring it some life. I know we recently heard news that Dink will be helping the servers with some updates and if that is true, the server will regain some of the momentum it has had in the past and will need someone to help control and keep it.
(02-03-2024, 11:30 PM)Lost_Leviathan Wrote: if something were to go wrong with the server such as accidentally force changing to an unavailable map
You're probably uninformed on this, but to do this requires the server to be restarted from the NFO server panel. We don’t have access to this at this time.

Just to clarify there is plenty of stuff a Admin is needed for, just this is not one we can handle right now.
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Hello Leviathan,

The Admin team has decided to accept your application with conditions. For the time being, Murder Admin will not have community-level access. Your admin permissions will be limited to in-game and the murder staff discord. This generally stems from a lack of substantial community-level activity and murder’s current state to warrant needing that access. We will explain more of this decision to you 1 on 1 to clarify any questions and be here to support you as Admin once Dink formally approves. We will keep you posted regarding when Dink gets around to reviewing this for final approval too. Congratulations on making it past this hurdle!

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