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Bryanbrr's See You Later
My friends I'm sure this comes as no surprise but, it's about time that I said see you later to staffing in the Dinkleberg's Community. Over the past few months, many big life changes have happened to me. I've gotten engaged to the love of my life, been promoted at work, and am on the cusp of earning two master's degrees. To say life has sped up would be an understatement as to what I feel. These responsibilities have taken not only my time but, also my motivation to grow this community and I believe that someone as an admin should have the motivation to grow and nurture this community.
I have made so many friends through my 4 years here in the community and honestly, I would not have stayed as long as I have if it wasn't for them. This place has grown and changed since I started here and while I'm sad to go, it brings me peace knowing that I have had the opportunity to make this place better than when I once joined. I am excited to see that 2 new TTT admins will take up the reigns along with Chibill as I step away as I know they are hungry to continue making this place great. My see you later isn't a goodbye to the community. I plan to play semi-actively and enjoy dinks like any other player!

As my friends who have left before me, I need to give my shoutouts to all who have made my experience here so much fun over the past 4 years.

Apegang – @Uriel'is@PH @CrAcKbOnE @Zuboba[Ape Gang] @Otis @Pencilvestro @.cee @Rylo Ken  You guys were the first group of people I played TTT with. Every monkey noise-created song or soundboard clip we made has stuck with me during the past few years. I still will go crazy doing OOAAs as a call back to how mighty we once were. The love I have for y’all is deep. Uriel, you were my first ever friend on here and you and I singing monkey remixes cracks me up today.

Current and Former TTT Admins – My fellow admins, you guys made my time as admin worth it. From handling hard issues to coming up with new ways to make this place fun we did a @Nicol Bolas - while your map decisions were questionable, you were always a voice of reason when thinking of new ideas. I thank you very much for your guidance as I was stepping into admin. @Battons – You and I got admin together at the same time and had to deal with some crazy shit. From a mass resignation of other admins to a crazy amount of drama and hackers. You and I did that shit together and held this place down. I am grateful to have spent that time with you and miss playing with you. @chibill – You are literally one of the smartest people I know. Anything you’ve put your mind to, you’ve been able to do. You will continue to do great things here and I am glad you and I got to implement some really cool stuff to this community. Remember, this is a place for fun. Don’t take it too seriously!

Current and Former Admins – My friends, we all ended up here for one reason or another, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to make the entire community so much better. @Jammin – you 9 monitor whore, I love you. Thank you for always bringing a balance to the team, you spoke words of wisdom and honestly, I am jealous I couldn’t get you to be a TTT admin. I miss you often and hope to play soon. @KaptainLes – I miss you, you Aussie bastard. I recall you and Jammin moving up together and knew you both would be great. @chelllman – I am sad I missed the opportunity to meet you, it would’ve been dope to golf together. Thank you for your time at PH you made that place safe to play on. @ryzif – I was sad to see you go from the TTT server but was happy when you moved to admin, you deserved it! Thank you for being so kind and for being interested in making PH better! @Super Milk Chan - You, like chibill, are so smart. I am so excited to see what you bring to PH and this community. Keep up the great work and thank you for being an amazing friend <3  @unfortunatepossum – “Push” Thank you for being a great friend! I will still ping you push messages. @Gabe – You are one of the coolest people I’ve met. Thank you for your wisdom when I started being a TTT admin. It brings me joy knowing we got to Admin together though in different spaces. @reina – you’ve made Dinks Discord a safe space for any and all to game and communion together. Thank you for making this place for everyone! Cheering you on as you continue making it great. @Norm Minder  – I miss you, I wish I took more opportunities to play with you on murder. You had grand visions and I wanted to see them come to life. I miss you! Admins, I am cheering you on. Keep the motivation you have to make this place great because, without you, this community would not exist today!

Jack, Noire, Dong – Y’all are some of the dopest people I’ve had the pleasure of playing with over the past few years. From late-night discord calls to talking about different shows was always a standout. @J@CK XDDD - you got me interested in Black Clover which is in my top 10 for Shonen’s. At its peaks that show goes absolutely crazy. @"Noire ♜" - you are one crazy motherfucker LOL I’ve seen you chug some shit and then shit on the entire server. Thank you for always being a great friend. @dong – Where can I even begin? You got me to begin staffing at Dink’s. You got me early on to consider it and then spoke highly of me to get a role on dinks. I have to say that you were one of the reasons I still play today. The fact that we got to be admins together, our team was unstoppable. Some of the best times I’ve ever spent playing video games.

Laced, Rand, Derp – The fact that I got to be staff with all three of you makes me happy because I truly got to know you during this time. From shit talking to talking about cool new ideas in the game, you three help ready me to be an admin. Hearing about the past, and hearing about what would be cool for the future, it helped shape this place today. @dero – Thank you for teaching me many cool things about gmod. I would have not learned how to model hitboxes without you. @"new year, new cum"– You will always be Bryan’s Massive Throbbing Cock and you will always have my heart. @lacer – I am so proud of you. When I first joined you were always in and out of trouble with the community. Now look at you, you’ve held staff positions multiple times and have turned over a new leaf when you play. I will always cheer you and hope for the best. Proud of you my friend.

@dan – My brother, you are truly one of my closest friends. From Snapchat to Instagram posts, thank you for always being a kind soul to me. I love you, my brother. 

New TTT Admins - @Icey @tiefling lesbian you guys are now about to run the ship that is TTT. I am happy for you both as you both deserve to be in this new role. My advice for you as I step away is always to have fun. This is a place where people come to get away and want to relax. Never take this community too seriously as I’ve seen massive burnout when people do. This place is now in your hands. Take care of it and have fun!

TTT Staff Team – It was a pleasure to be your admin. For some, it was a long time and for other’s, I didn’t even get the chance to meet many of you and I am regretful regarding it. Thank you for the time and commitment you put into the server. I am grateful that you care about this place as much as I do. Continue that to have that love in what you do. Make this place great for those who will be playing and those who will be coming after you. My advice to Tiefling and Icey is also meant for you. Have fun and never take this place too seriously. It’s a place where people want to have a great time!

This is starting to get long so I now just want to tag people who have meant a lot to me during this time here. Thank you for all of the great times. You’ve made Dinks a fun place for me and without you, I wouldn’t have been here for long. Thank you for all of the great memories. @Ryan722 @Wrom @Damien @HONG @moocow @Cardio @Ethan @Killahsasasin @milk (2) @GCubed @slater @Cactus @City @Raider Hanks @Nate @murl @YourMateMurph @GAMER@Hillrop@MiniMe2001@coco?? @LemonTiara

I am sure there is many other's that I've missed through the many years of playing but, Thank you all. It makes me happy knowing I got to share moments with so many people here and my hope to continue making more memories with you all. Thank you <3. See you on server!
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Bryanbrr, your resignation has been DENIED. You may resign again on 2/13/24.
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Love you Mr. Brr! Cya on server!

o7 A Farewell to Arms o7

Eat shit and live Damien…..

“I was in a butcher shop once and a pig’s head told me that God and the Devil killed each other a long time ago” -Evan Kelmp

+rep : ) Nov. 02 2021 - June 5th 2022

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what in the god damn
I'm going to miss you. Tank care friend  Heart
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As much as I'll never forgive you for some of the map patches, it's always been fun finding exploits for you to fix. Will definitely miss that. Give me a massive text hat on you're way out or I'll find blackmail material

I'm glad you're moving on to better things, sometimes it feels like a lot of people here are stuck in ruts. Keep it up, brother

p.s. put in a good word for me for returning to staffing ill be good i promise
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-courtesy of a sarcastic fish
Damn this was sad to Read, You did a lot for the community and I think its time you get to rest 07 You are a great person Bryanbrr Hope to see you around and hope we get to laugh together again! Good luck in life my friend <3
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Ex- TTT Mod
Dong's Favorite Tmod

and congrats on freedom, battons
former admin2

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bryan ur a gem. we love u!!! i will keep an eye out for u every time i go to epcot LOL
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Bryan… I love you :( I’m so happy for you and everything that is happening in your life <3!!
didn't get to see you on much, but every time I got the chance to talk to you, you were always wonderful. congrats on the wedding and everything going on in your life! best of luck going forward bryaannnbrrrrrrr !! ♡₊˚·
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