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A Legitimate Suggestion
-1 it'd be great at first until the novelty of the new server runs out and it'll be dead just like murder and deathrun...
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dark rp sux. i would mass

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I was around and involved in the last DarkRP saga. I think most of the points have been made, but I will echo them. From previous experience, there basically needs to be a premade plug and play DarkRP server already in place for Dink to even consider it. Last time it took having a premade server that had an active player base pulling from this community to get him moving on it. I love DarkRP, but I really don't see how this would move forward meaningfully without a lone community member or group building their own first (Which as we have seen comes with its own very fun problems).

There also is the issue of a DarkRP server pulling from existing servers instead of a new audience. I know that with the state of Gmod splitting our playerbase more is probably a valid concern.

Even with all of this DarkRP would be a super fun addition, and I think it probably can be done correctly. (i.e. its possible and should be given real thought).

(Edit) @Damien I think the monetization part could be something that gets things moving. With how much people like skins and such I think donator revenue for DarkRP is a pretty strong argument for it almost on its own. Thinking about it probably providing more monetization to Dink's with real results as a whole isn't a terrible idea. Not DTMOD again (unless), but more unique cosmetics through the forums and on the current servers as those become more and more popular.
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The issue with DarkRP, and im on page #1 so far, is that staff needs to be on like, constantly. That was a big issue back then too.
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dawg we back on this again
owner can't even log in to demote old admins for several months at a time and you guys want MORE servers? dink is gonna circle back to this thread in 2-3 business years just to tell yall no

also we've been asking for a surf server or bhop server for almost a decade at this point and that shit just aint gonna happen, sorry guys
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Look, if you want a new server then you're gonna have to make it yourselves at this point because we all know dink ain't gonna
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if darkrp or surf is made, i will become admin.
fr tho, the ideas for them are great but the execution is zero to none. We literally have regulars trying to make servers FOR dink. Good that we have members willing to try to make something work, bad cause the owner should be trying to push and help create said servers. Given how shit takes forever to get done for anything, i just say fuck it and move on. darkrp could gain some traction but, you also have to consider OUTSIDE the community of what a bunch of other random players are playing as whole in GMOD. surf tho, possibly not. maybe could have the regular community members but outside that, it doesn’t seem likely.

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