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Another attempt hehe :D
Ingame Name: 

Discord Tag: 

Time Played: 
1k+ at least 

When First Joined: 
January 5, 2016

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): 
I work the weekend shift now so I can play a lot more Tuesday-Thursday.

Rank Desired: 

Current Rank: 
Trial Moderator

What can you do to help the community: 
I know I need to get used to the warning system but I for sure can adapt! TBH I'd rather not have to wait on a ban appeal and would like to deal with the situation myself. I like to be on late at night sometimes and that's when stuff can go down. I feel like I'm a pretty chill/friendly person whenever it comes to staffing so I would like to help however I can and do my best. If I get this position I would gladly ask advice from the other staff members because it's all about team effort!

Why you want to help the community: 
TTT is all about having fun :-) I love getting to know people and going off on my T rounds (MP5 FTW >:D). I wanna make sure it is a minge-free environment and be able to help others when needed. This has been my favorite community by far. I hope to make more friends with new people and acquire more staffing experience as time goes by.

Have you been previously banned? (Link Relevant Posts): 

Have you previously applied for staff? (Link Relevant Posts): 

How did you find us?: 
Search bar. I liked the name

Did you fill out the required scenario questions for rank you are applying for? (Links under requirements in format thread): 
I think so? Lemme know if I have to redo it because I know it's been some time.

In addition to this I know I have been inactive for some time hence why my previous application was denied. I was going through a personal hardship but I am finally getting my feet back on the ground and have my priorities straight. Again, no hard feelings with whatever you say. We're all here for a good time! :-)
easy easy easy +2
spends a LOOOOT of time being the only staff on on crazy server times and takes it like a champ
has also been staff (despite various breaks for various times) for long periods of time

good at handling all of the things
dont even wait for another response just give her the role rn dinks on ill tell him to do it rn
[Image: njeqheqr.png]
-courtesy of a sarcastic fish
+1 cardio would do a good job as mod imo. She knows the rules staff well and is a joy for everyone to be around.

Kind soul who I think would do great :D
[Image: 46713d688f8087b1f2d3b92a79d7afea.png]

Future owner  :D
+1 she’s been awesome as staff even if she calls us fat
[Image: frieren-fall-winter.jpeg]
Every bun for every baconator should be a pretzel bun....
The mp5 needs to be nerfed you abuser ;) (I use it too because its so damn broken), you calling people fat is never not gonna be funny, you bring a different flare to the server that makes it more friendly and lively which is awesome, my main concern in your last app was that it was too early and you needed more time to get used to everything and get back into the swing of things as well as how it has all changed, you are now ready young padawan!

+1 from me.
Cardio is an easy +1.

She's been around long enough to know how to balance when to intervene and when to not. She is really great at using discretion to make quick and rational decisions.
I hope you're having a good day Biggrin
[Image: D6E0C93A-D285-4C99-B7AB-C616869240B2.jpg...2d0fbf6a9&][Image: 86DBE62D-5EE5-47F0-9E4C-DE5FA0541D5B.jpg...d2ef8e0e3&]
Ex- TTT Mod
Dong's Favorite Tmod
Got Dink to reply to your app. +1 
[Image: Red__Black_Geometric_Gamer_Youtube_Banne...bf47c32e0&]
#cardio4mod +1
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