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Another attempt hehe :D
I'm like 99% certain Cardio has been around longer than me and she's always super nice to everyone. Easy +1.
The local Sega & Sonic fanatic.

[Image: Congratulations_2.PNG]
just a lil boost c:
+1 cardio is fun to play,helpful and knowledgeable, i think cardio would be a great addition to mod , I wish you the best.
[Image: crimson.gif]

Carson sweats too much.

[Image: 1V8jMf6.png]
(02-01-2024, 08:05 PM)Dinkleberg >:( Wrote: Every bun for every baconator should be a pretzel bun....
No shit!

Also +1
your the best
Your application has been accepted, welcome to the green birthday twin!!
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