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Your Discord Username: ttt_chaser_b2

Your Discord User ID: Papa Ian#3197

Giselle Case Number: 7711??

Ban Length: 30 days???????????????????????

Appeal Type: unban, DUH

Previous Unban Requests: ive never been banned in my life i follow all dinks ttt rules to the maximum 

What would you like to tell us

this role that i "mass pinged" to my knowledge currently has one member in it. people were actually "mass pinging" murder role before me, i was telling them to stop, they receive no warnings, and i get banned for pinging 1 friend. classic : /

EDIT: I have attached my conversation since someone has accused me of "harassing" them. See below for the last bit I have to say about this dumb drama. 

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-1. You consistently troll and act annoying in the discord, it gets exhausting. This is particularly true with pinging roles like this. I also wouldn't assume that the people "before" you weren't given warnings.
point is not that they were "warned". point is that while they were doing it they weren't addressed, yet the literal second i do something I am banned. This is going into the issue that for some reason everything I do is with a microscope.

Also, since this was a "warn threshold ban" I'll ask this question. Why am I being warned by staff for pinging my friends/direct people? If people joke ping for a joke with other people, which I think is fine, why am I warned by staff when the person at question didn't even mind.

None of this is even about the ban, it's whatever. It's more so the fact of more evidence, in my opinion, that people who are not liked are directly scrutinized more then "friends"

serious billybob post moment
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(02-05-2024, 08:08 PM)BillyBob Wrote: None of this is even about the ban, it's whatever. It's more so the fact of more evidence, in my opinion, that people who are not liked are directly scrutinized more then "friends"

you received the same warning as both of the people you've mentioned, but yours caused you to reach the temp ban point threshold.

editing to add that continuing to harass the admin who banned you in their dm's after they repeatedly ask you to stop trying to directly argue with them isn't how you appeal a ban.
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I mean… the difference is when you break a rule once in a blue moon (like, an RDM on TTT or a funny but technically illegal exploit) every once in a blue moon and when you do it habitually and often. Sure I do find some of the discord rules pretty strict in some ways, and personally think pinging isn’t as big of a deal as people make it out to be, but that doesn’t mean to make habits out of pushing boundaries to the point where it gets noticed as a recurring, often thing. That’s what got you snagged here
[Image: frieren-fall-winter.jpeg]
I appreciate your concerns about the enforcement situation. I apologize for any frustration caused. We aim to ensure a fair and consistent environment for all users. While I'm not an expert on Discord rules, I presume they operate similarly to our TTT server, where a ban is issued after reaching a warning threshold. It's possible that the other members haven't reached this threshold and thus were not banned. Thank you for reaching out to us!
-1 based solely on your constant trolling in the server.
[Image: Red__Black_Geometric_Gamer_Youtube_Banne...bf47c32e0&]
Don't really have anything else to say here. Do I mess around with people? Absolutely. Do I get annoying? Absolutely. Yet, one thing I never have, or will, do in this community is intentionally go out of my way to ruin someone's day and be a genuine asshole to them. We all come here to escape from life, the last thing I want to do is make it more difficult. To accuse me of harassing someone simply for trying to ask a genuine question actually pisses me off.

anyhow im done checking this thread as unlike a lot of people here I do not enjoy feeding off of drama. these are my thoughts, agree or disagree as you will, its whatever.
[Image: rdm-corp-squarelogo-1446787792629.png]
In all honesty, I find a jump from a 7-day mute to a 30 day ban quite excessive... (if there was a ban in-between, I missed it because I do not stay in the Dinks discord often and apologize)

Is there any way this could be potentially reduced to 2 weeks instead? My knowledge of the discord rules and punishments is definitely not 100%, and maybe you find this to be a stupid request because "he'd just do it again," but I genuinely do not see why he was warned if the people who he pinged did not have an issue with it. If it were a mass staff ping like the one that got him the 7-day mute, then I would say that this would be warranted.

+1 for a reduction, but I definitely don't think that he should be fully unbanned. 

That's my opinion on the matter though. I can understand why others are -1'ing, I just have a little bit of an issue with the sudden increase.
I hope you're having a good day Biggrin
I did used to get really annoyed when you pinged me out of nowhere when I was trying to distance myself from this place for mental health reasons.
The local Sega & Sonic fanatic.

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