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FAFO seems to be the theme this week. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(02-05-2024, 08:49 PM)chapman Wrote: (if there was a ban in-between, I missed it because I do not stay in the Dinks discord often and apologize)

he received a 3-day mute before the 7-day mute for needless pinging. this is his third warning for needless pinging in the past 30 days.
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"he received a 3-day mute before the 7-day mute for needless pinging. this is his third warning for needless pinging in the past 30 days."  -reina

From the looks of it, you've been warned/punished a bit.. take the 30 days to rethink some habits. 

-24601 on unban and reduction
(02-05-2024, 08:49 PM)chapman Wrote: In all honesty, I find a jump from a 7-day mute to a 30 day ban quite excessive
This is my fault btw, though I think it takes like 5-6 warnings before you get to this threshold. Reduction to 2 weeks sounds reasonable, but so does a denial.

Assuming Kap/Reina still use the same system more or less, bans don't come from thin air. It takes multiple warnings over a short period of time before a ban is issued. Over time, past issues have less of an impact on bans.

Frankly this is a case of fuck around and find out. Randomass pings are annoying. When an unpaid staff has to spend multiple days moderating your behavior, it shouldn't surprise you how things end up.
Just because you don't like or agree with the rules, doesn't mean you should rebel by breaking them. If you think something should be changed, post in here. Not that hard
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i hate to be like ahh #freebillybob !!! but

Billybob has been trolling but at this point in time, I do not think he should be banned quite yet. I remember when I was staff, I sometimes wished that I could ban problematic people, but I knew at the time I couldn't act until I was given proper reason. The final warn that passed the ban threshold, in my personal opinion, is a false warn that should not have occurred. Based on the evidence that Billybob presented, if there was only one person in the role he pinged. It is no different from me randomly pinging Bryan. I see no problem here especially if the person pinged doesn't mind.

didn't deserve warn, shouldn't be banned yet even if he is hella close +1
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Good Afternoon Mr Billybob

As of this moment, you are unbanned from Dinkleberg's Discord and the warning has been removed.
To say that you are on thin ice tho is an understatement.

Any questions or concerns please contact me and i will answer you at my first available opportunity.

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