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shot in the dark

I've known Happy for quite some time now, he's always been good and was staff before
so, no reason why he can't come back as staff again. He's level headed, takes situations seriously
while also having fun at the same time. (+1 for tmod)

Best of luck mate!
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Never have had any issues with you in my time here. Others are saying you had DTmod but I honestly don’t know myself. 

If there wasn’t any prior issues regarding the loss of said rank I don’t see why you shouldn’t have it back. I also am a ghost so considering my input is silly but +1
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I've seen you here and there over the years I've played, actually forgot you even had a tmod rank at one point though. But yeah based on what I've seen playing with you on ph and from discord vc and all that, you seem like a chill dude. Dont think it would hurt at all to make him staff again, think he knows what he is doing as well. +1 for trusted, good luck dude
Hi hi hi Happy!

We are happy (^.^) to have you return and officially join the staff team. We are granting you the staff rank trusted in server and we will allow you to have Donor+ in forums and discord. This is a compromise for our Dtmods. Hope this is acceptable!

Welcome to the shitshow!

This app has been accepted <3
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