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shot in the dark - happy - 02-05-2024

Ingame Name: happy gt

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:166897640

Time Played: 744 hours

When First Joined: like Jan 8th 2018

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): I try to play at least an hour a day

Rank Desired: trusted (or keep my dtmod other servers have done it before and it was like $30s)

Current Rank: donor/dtmod

What can you do to help the community?:I'm a former staff member(bio gives years) I can hopefully bring my experience to the table to help keep the server a fun and safe place for everyone to enjoy

Why do you want to help the community?: Truthfully i would just like access to the friends command and ss command. After being away for a couple of years I've come to enjoy the server for the first time in a long time and want to help where i can even if it's a miniscule thing like helping someone join a team

Have you previously been banned? (Link relevant posts) Nope if i have any it's joke bans from Nuru most likely

Have you previously applied for staff? (Link relevant posts): first, second(denied), thirdfourthfifth 

Do you have a way to record video or take screenshots? nvidia and obs

How did you find us?:  originally dinks for my first ph server saw a mod at the time (travis i love you big guy) being strict on mic spam and noped out. Went to CG(RIP) got super annoyed with their sound bored and came back and I've been here ever since.

Other: I answered these types of questions like 10 times during my time here across 3 servers and discord app (first gen discord mod for dinks) and my brains has probably fried coming up with reasons at this point...Regarding my resignations I'll fully admit I was burnt out from ph as a whole at those times and never really understood how to help myself. Coming back after my 5 year break(and therapy sessions) I've been able to enjoy the game mode and the players on it for the first time in years and i'd be thankfull if you guys gave me a chance to prove i do want to help.

regarding the activity on GT or Tsar my hours look gappy because they are I drive for a living so i can't always be on when server is alive because no sleep+ driving= bad idea. So sometimes i come home server is dead or I'm too tired to get on server from work

RE: shot in the dark - bunniey - 02-05-2024

Yeah. You paid for it. +1 for TMod (not trusted), obviously, people have been able to come back and get their rank they paid for back for ages. Shouldn't change now, and if it /does/ change, then you need refunded since you paid for something specific.

Everything else idc thats all

RE: shot in the dark - lacer - 02-05-2024

If he paid for DTmod and wasn't demoted for doing bad stuff then I don't see a reason for him not to be given the rank back.

RE: shot in the dark - BIIG_SAD - 02-05-2024

eh, they are ok. I should really interact with them more

+0 for no real opinion one way or the other, but they aren't a bad person

(basically, I would love to +1, but I have no leg to stand on. I think from my one or two interactions they should take like a duck to water. but sample size is limited, and I need more sample).

RE: shot in the dark - dong - 02-05-2024

+1 because you did purchase the rank. To my knowledge you were never demoted from it. Just give Happy a trial period before yall let back in the PH discord.

RE: shot in the dark - Harmless_Potato - 02-05-2024

First off,  +1 on the staff application based off a few things, game activity, Discord server presence, and overall personality. You have assisted me well when on, and have zero listings. 

I have no concern on happy being accepted into staff, but as Trusted to start off with, and the potential to apply for Tmod.

Good luck!  Shy

RE: shot in the dark - VolfVoss - 02-06-2024

+1 for DTmod being given back, though this is ultimately a conversation to be had with Dink. (May the odds ever bein your favor)

No issues with Happy being added to the staff team in addition to their DTmod being returned. 

Happy communicates well and I've been able to converse with them several times in Dinks VC, to which any possible issues on server at that time were brought forward.

RE: shot in the dark - happy - 02-06-2024

Just to clarify i technically have my dtmod back already after talking with dink, but he gave it to my alt that i bought donor on instead of my main account

RE: shot in the dark - slater - 02-06-2024

+1 i don’t see any harm in giving him his dtmod back. He did purchase it + he’s been pretty chill from my time with him so why not

RE: shot in the dark - Damien - 02-07-2024

If he paid for the rank he should get it back, especially since dink gave it to him on his alt. Don't know why the appeal is needed.

+0 I don't play ph that much and happy smells at support