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+1 my coc
What name do you usually go by on the server? 
Norm Minder "The problem"

What is your Discord account username? 

What is your Discord ID? 

When did you join the discord? (found under "member since" on your server profile)
I forgot

Are you 18 years of age or older?

What staff position are you applying for?

Do you have any unexpired discord infractions? If so, please explain why.
I got banned for trying to sell csgo skins.thats crazy

Have you received any punishments in any of the GMod servers or forums within the past 12 months? If so, please explain why.

What made you decide to apply?
I've been around for nearly four years and for a good majority of that time it was staffing on murder and discord . I love the community and want to help keep it a great place

What do you plan to do to help the Discord community?
I use the discord pretty actively so I might as well help keep it clean.

Anything else to add? rate my clash of clans guyes
[Image: IMG_6801.png?ex=65d6e42f&is=65c46f2f&hm=...bc6ae6e27&]
easiest plus one of my life
[Image: Screenshot_20240120_220044_Discord.jpg?e...358bdcbe3&]
+1 Norm is a great person to have around here!

"Norm Minder is a valuable presence here." (openai, 2024)

but really, Norm is a wonderful person, and I cant imagine a better person to staff here.

Works Cited:

OpenAI, ChatGPT. prompt and response generated 08 February 2024. Web.
Incepimus, Nunc et semper.
This means that "we begin, now and forever", and translates as "always we begin again"
What this actually means is that we should always strive to better ourselves, because tomorrow is a new day.
I hope you take it to heart. Remember, an improvement, no matter how small, is improvement.

That's crazy.

App is low effort, but it's Norm so +1.
[Image: ErQ4M8K.jpg] 
-1 Your clash base is rushed.

Kidding, gonna go with +1
levi is right, that clash base could really use some work like look at those walls bro...

+1, this is the craziest app I have ever seen and he will be the most helpful helper to ever exist
yeah -1 for the fact that you clearly bought the $40 pack of gems for your town hall....

+1 for discord uh, staff? yeah.
+1. something something, reina is better at clash of clans. norm.
[Image: image.png?ex=65e80f5b&is=65d59a5b&hm=c93...53f664e47&]
anyone who has ever -1'd anything for being low effort needs to have their post deleted rn (90% of the people here)

low effort -1 try again next time (sorry norm you're just a victim of the system right now)
[Image: njeqheqr.png]
-courtesy of a sarcastic fish
Damn that coc is crazy +1 was a good admin, good person, and let me borrow the Bugatti the other day…
[Image: image0.png]
2x TTT Admin
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers

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