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Another Murbder Raffle
Thanks to the help of Norm still having Admin in game, I will be hosting another murder raffle.

There will be 5 winners chosen at random (possibly more depending on how many people enter)

Just post your steam name in a response and play a minimum of 10 hours from now till March 2nd.

The items in the prize pool are as follows:
  • Cat Lamp Pet
  • Sombrero
  • Really Large Stache'
  • Rubber Duck Float
  • Player model of your choice (Can be one of upcoming models)
  • Minecraft Fox Hat
  • Perma Vape of your choice
PLEASE make mine and Jawa's hours from the last couple of days count for this :D

My ID: STEAM_0:0:223595428

Btw, you should add that fox hat from crate 1 to the rewards :p
[Image: Limon_T3.jpg?ex=65b9d342&is=65a75e42&hm=...height=468]
Add a Jawa playermodel and then we'll talk.
[Image: Rmvvz8x.gif]
Uhhhh, same name well more then 10 hours lol. IDK if this is even still going lmao

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