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Been a very long time (introduction)
Hello all,  

My name is Emerak, otherwise known as Titan for those who don't know,
i joined Dinks in 2019 and have been here on and off since, i have come back from 
the dead, and will be fully active. [once again]

Little about me:

Im a pretty outgoing person, love the outdoors, Hiking, fishing, hunting, camping ect.. any time i have the chance
i try to be outside, if I'm not I'm usually playing games and whatnot,
want to try and get into reading books more so any suggestions lmk!

also musically inclined, can play a variety of instruments but
mainly play guitar and piano atm, but that's pretty much it.

Thank for coming to my ted talk!
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Take me camping
We're just a giant ass
Cheeks are made of children
Old was just a fad
Shit on all the billions
Erm Er ACK!!!
(02-08-2024, 10:33 PM)Foxka Wrote: Take me camping
Yeah man lets go!

(02-08-2024, 11:22 PM)cow Wrote: Erm Er ACK!!!
um... spelled it wrong sir   ;)
[Image: titan.gif]
Yooo what'sup titan!
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long time no see titan
[Image: giphy.gif]
(02-09-2024, 03:36 PM)Jammin Wrote: Yooo what'sup titan!
Hey man, how's it going?

(02-09-2024, 04:08 PM)happy Wrote: long time no see titan
Hey, yeah its been a while, how have things been?
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2x TTT Admin
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers
(02-09-2024, 05:58 PM)dong Wrote: wb
thanks, you as well!
[Image: titan.gif]
another old man coming back to the future. 

the future is now.

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