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Words and their implications

It's not hard to just remove the part of your name that offends people. If you want to stick around, just remove the "antisemitism" from your name. I do not understand why this is such a hard concept to grasp. Not sure why tiefling was brought into this either. This thread was about you, not her. Her name is not bad, offensive, nor applies a negative connotation. 

Just change your name to Goose and have fun. 
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(02-10-2024, 06:36 PM)cum at first sight Wrote: Goose. If your name were to be "Transphobic Goose" that implies that you are transphobic, and wearing it like a badge on your sleeve to be proud of. This goes the same for your name. So if someone gets on and sees that name and sees that it's allowed, and they're part of that group, it is likely to drive them away because it makes it seem like the server is fine with that, which is what we don't want. You might think it's just thought-policing or some leftist woke stuff, as you and a few others have a tendency to bring up...and bring up...and bring up...and bring up.......and bring up, but it's really just about making sure everyone is having a decent experience. You can still easily have fun on server without that name, but it can be legitimately bothersome to those apart of that group to the point where it affects their ability to have fun knowing it's allowed.

I'm with rand on this one, pretty much sums up my thoughts exactly.
The only reason it wasn't enforced on you prior is because nobody had brought the issues to us, but the first time it would've been brought up we would've asked the same of you.
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this is such a stupid thing to be doubling down on and defending. i can't even begin to fathom the mental gymnastics required to unironically believe you're making a logical argument when your point is "it's my right to use an anti-semitic name on this gmod server because i'm jewish and you're thought policing by telling me not to"
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My ancestors being locked in concentration camps doesn't give me the right to make fun of Holocaust victims, my people being massacred doesn't give me the right to insults the murdered, my blood line stemming from a violent sexual act between gard,and prisoner in those very camps doesn't give me the right to make jokes about such things, being homeless for 3 years of my life doesn't give ne the right to kick others when they are down, just because I turned out ok.

Words are how we express our emotions, it is human for words to effect one another, it is one of the ways we are separated from animals, to push this aside is to dehumanise ourselves. We have the privilege of tolerating eatch others actions, and flaws not a right. Please don't use such things to excuse this, it's affecting someone, and your being asked adjust just a little, no one had anything against you.
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I believe you're entitled to your name all you want despite my own beliefs on it's problematic nature, however the discretion of the community's staff comes down to the fact that the server is a private entity and in such the people who control and make the rules for said entity generally NEVER align 100% with what you consider ok. If you don't agree with them or believe it's totalitarian you are not being forced to remain on the server. If you really are this passionate about this specific thing and see NO compromises on this topic it shouldn't be that hard to walk away. If a majority of people agree with you enough to make a difference in how the server is run then I don't see how leaving wouldn't prove your point, not unlike if a company pisses people off and their profits drop because people stop buying their stuff.

Don't take this as a challenge either, I'm just offering a perspective as a non-staff member and as someone who doesn't know you.
Y'all he changed his name yesterday and hasnt responded in 2 pages... we can stop kicking.

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