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Offender's Name: @kessler.

Offender's SteamID:

Potential Witnesses: me,myself and i.

What happened:i was minding my business as i was taking my very enthusiastic walk and then suddenly i got blindsided by a huge wooden box to the head resulting in me dying and having my feelings hurt bad :(

Reason to Ban: he hurt my pride i demand justice for me.
[Image: crimson.gif]

Carson sweats too much.

[Image: 1V8jMf6.png]
i'm sorry komugi. please forgive the report. actually uh skill issue. : )
It is now tradition to propkill Brahma when he receives a new rank!
[Image: Nicol_dumb.jpg]
Nothing happened here.
You got me fighting for my life no joke
[Image: crimson.gif]

Carson sweats too much.

[Image: 1V8jMf6.png]
Dude thats not cool... do it again
Can You throw a box at me next?
[Image: D6E0C93A-D285-4C99-B7AB-C616869240B2.jpg...2d0fbf6a9&][Image: 86DBE62D-5EE5-47F0-9E4C-DE5FA0541D5B.jpg...d2ef8e0e3&]
Ex- TTT Mod
Dong's Favorite Tmod

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