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I dislike ritz crackers and i was punished
Stop playing dumb the word has a history with both racism and classism. Play stupid games win stupid prizes
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(02-10-2024, 08:58 PM)Noire ♜ Wrote: not me thinking it was a ritz joke and not a cracker one

Your brain broke. Lmfao
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To be clear for anyone curious the name used was "I hate crackers." I made my stance clear in the other thread about these kind of "jokes", yes this clearly violates the rules.
It is not okay to literally tell people their opinions are wrong because they disagree.
Oof sucks to suck
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This is getting ridiculous earlier and now we have Ritz slander? Reprehensible.
We're just a giant ass
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Old was just a fad
Shit on all the billions
(02-10-2024, 09:25 PM)Foxka Wrote: This is getting ridiculous earlier and now we have Ritz slander? Reprehensible.
Im sorry foxka i didnt realize people had such strong opinions on ritz.
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(02-10-2024, 08:33 PM)mmmmmmmm concrete Wrote: can i not express a dislike for ritz crackers on the dinklebergs ttt server
Fair take on ritz crackers but have you ever tried them with custom dip or cold cuts?
Here is a handful of things that can go on them:
          > Tilamook Sharp Cheddar
          > Ham
          > Salami
          > Sharp Cheddar
          > Pudding in the form of the famous desert
          > Bacon cream cheese ranch dip
          [Image: Crack-Dip-Show-Me-the-Yummy-6@2x-768x1152.jpg]

Now compare that to saltines and heres what you can do with them
          > Waste space in a soup bowl
          > Gag and fucking die (they are always stale.)
          [Image: 24eq2l.jpg?a474144]

Easy winner hands down.
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