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Lesson Learned
The procedure for round gag, map gag, ban was not followed due to this situation being out of the boundary for this rule. Without going into to much detail to keep things private for Fofab, there has been several incidents where individuals feel responsible for Fofabs safety, feeling trapped in a situation that makes users uncomfortable, and no longer feel like it's a safe environment.

In this case Fofab mentioned "I am going to kill myself in front of a huge group of people later this year" this is concerningly descriptive, especially when once  you understands the situation a little better.

In the future, I would ask of you to keep in mind how you may seriously panic, and stress others with such remarks.

As you already know Fofab, you can always feel free to reach out to me about such subjects, the other admin are good to talk to as well, but please don't do this in a public space again, if you do the staff team will need to escalate the matter to a permanent ban, and the decision on the possibility of a community ban will be on the table.

Your ban has been reduced to 1 month
[Image: Screenshot_20240120_220044_Discord.jpg?e...358bdcbe3&]

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