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First "Annual" Dinkleberg's TTT | Staff Needed Left 4 Dead 2 Tournament
GG it was fun !
-1 for both. Cannot be trusted in staff due to history and personally I think any events should be run by someone better organized
former admin2
did rand win?
[Image: rdm-corp-squarelogo-1446787792629.png]
Rand is responsible for the destruction of all friendships and property that occurred during this tournament.
I hope you're having a good day Biggrin
rand won
rand is tired
thank all nonrand participants for participanting and all nonrand viewers for viewering
murp scond jack third
[Image: TWQlDjL.png] 
-courtesy of a sarcastic fish

[Image: t2X0SiD.png]
-courtesy of milk(2)
Another victory for the OG's
[Image: IMG_1792.png?ex=65dbf028&is=65c97b28&hm=...height=620]

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