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TTT Staff Guidelines Revision
The TTT staff guidelines revision is officially live! This update includes some clearer wording improvements, extra clarifications, point adjustments for some warns, a couple new warns, and adjustments to the point thresholds with a new 4 week ban threshold. Below is a summary of the major changes:
  • Warn point thresholds adjusted (check the guidelines for the full breakdown)
  • Targeted RDM (previously Revenge RDM) reduced to a separate 2 point warn
  • Derogatory Language/Slurs increased to 6 points, and extra clarifications added
  • Severe Ghosting/Teaming reduced to 8 points
  • Overly Offensive Topics (formerly mentioned in derogatory language) combined with Overly Sexual Topics, reduced to 6 points
  • Donor Abuse increased to 4 points
  • Harassment increased to 10 points
  • Sexual Harassment increased to 12 points
  • Bounties and Prop Interference reduced to 2 points
  • Server Lagging/Crashing Exploits increased to 12 points
  • New warn for NSFW profile pictures added for 6 points after verbal warnings and kick
  • New warn for suspicious links added for 10 points, with permaban for links leading to malicious content
  • 8 point warn expiration increased to 9 months
As severe teaming and ghosting are no longer permanent warns, if you have either of those warns you may message an admin in game or on discord to have them replaced.

An update to the MOTD will follow Soon™
[Image: p2tO5Im.png]
@Gabe pin this
[Image: p2tO5Im.png]
(03-11-2024, 01:31 PM)tiefling lesbian Wrote: @Gabe pin this
ok done wheres my 19 dollar fortnite card
sent in the mail
[Image: p2tO5Im.png]
ty stinkmin!

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